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Are you on the search for career-ready, enthusiastic new talent to join your business?

Then look no further than the Arden talent pool.

Our current students are full of incredible ideas and eager to put the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired while studying to good use – why not put their abilities to good use, and offer them an internship or placement? Not only will this allow our students to flourish, it’ll also prove highly beneficial for your company.

As well as achieving goals in a cost-effective manner, you could gain fresh perspective and insight from students who are currently putting their minds to the test in an academic setting, waiting to put their theories into practice.

Hiring a student on a short-term basis while they study is also a great way of establishing emerging talent before they start to explore the jobs market in search of a permanent position. If an intern performs well, they transform into a potential employee on the way to securing a qualification and already in the know when it comes to the way your company operates.

Arden University intern placement student

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