What is a Degree or Masters worth?

Investing in higher education is one of the best ways to change your world. The rewards can be huge and varied. As well as opening up exciting career opportunities and expanding your knowledge, you can also expect increased confidence and access to new networks. Not only that but the return on your financial investment can be significant too.

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typical lifetime earnings

Without a

£. This is how much you will typically earn in your future career if you don't complete a . This is based on your age and average earnings for your industry.

typical lifetime earnings

With a

£. This is how much you will typically earn in your future career if you complete your . This is based on your age, average earnings for your industry and average increase in salary for graduates.
You could earn £
more with a


£ This is the investment required to study your university flexibly and online through Arden in our current intake.
How is this result calculated?

Everyone has a different career journey which can be affected by an almost infinite range of choices and influences. Therefore the above offers you an indication of potential impact based on statistical data. Your result is calculated by using government research in combination with your selections.

Government data

1. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, 2014
2. Labour Market Statistics January to March 2015

Your selections

1. Your age
2. Your industry
3. Your study level of interest


Firstly the calculator works out how many working years you have remaining assuming you retire at 70 (e.g. If you’re currently 25 years old and retire at 70 it estimates you have 45 years of your career remaining)

The calculator then finds your average yearly industry earnings by matching up your industry selection to earnings data within the annual survey of hours and earnings report.

Next your yearly industry earnings is multiplied by your working years remaining to calculate lifetime average earnings per industry (e.g. 45 years remaining x £40,000 average per year = £1,800,000)

Finally it calculates your lifetime earnings with a degree or Masters by using the Labour market statistics report which shows degree graduates earn £9k more a year than non graduates. Masters graduates earn £8k more than degree graduates.

Your Summary:

On average over your future career you could earn £xxxxxx more by being a graduate.

This is a 22% increase over your future career.

This could be 47 times the amount invested in course fees currently needed to become a graduate.

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