By Sian Duffin

Talk to Your Tutors and Support Team

Tutors are there to help and support you, so let them know how they can support you. Use your wider support network as well, which includes your doctor, family, friends, work colleagues as well as your tutors and student support team - both when you are well and if you are struggling. There is often more than can be done than you think.

Look After Yourself

Your physical health is important for your mental health. Make sure you eat well, exercise and sleep.

Study in Chunks

Thirty minutes of quality study is better than two hours staring into space, so study in small manageable chunks. Make sure you have a balance between work, life and study as far as possible. And don’t give up on things you enjoy outside of work and study

Make a Check List

Make lists of the tasks you need to accomplish to help you remember and not to procrastinate. Tick off when you are finished with them. If you feel you are not achieving anything, just look back and see what you’ve already ticked off and done.

Positive Self-Talk

Remind yourself of your successes with positive self-talk – why you want to do this, your motivations, what you want to succeed. It you struggle to do this for yourself, ask other people to share their positive thoughts about you and your studies with you. Look at positive feedback that you have received and use that to see how you are really doing.

Sian Duffin, student support coordinator at Arden University, offers her advice for students who are concerned about their mental health.

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