Whether you're on the hunt for your first job or hoping for a change to your current one, here are four career paths you should consider pursuing in 2018.

Are you to secure your first full-time job? Perhaps you're in search of a career more fulfilling than the one you have now. When it comes to choosing the right career for you, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are four jobs that could help boost your professional prospects and more in 2018.

1. Data scientist

In today’s digital world, data is becoming more and more important to the vast majority of businesses. Big data has been at the forefront of business discussions for a couple of years now, and the sheer value of data has been fully recognised – and that’s where data scientists come in.

An article from Forbes, published mid-2017, discussed IBM’s prediction that the demand for data scientists will rise 28% by 2020. According to prospects.ac.uk, a starting salary for a data scientist can reach up to £25,000, rising to somewhere between £30,000 and £50,000 once you’ve acquired a few years’ experience.

If you’re interested in pursuing a path in data science, one of our data analytics courses might be just the thing you need to take that first step into the industry.

2. Financial adviser

Fancy yourself as a bit of a number cruncher? There will always be a demand for financial advice. A number of employers hire financial advisers, including banks, estate agents and law firms, and you even have the opportunity to become self-employed.

Director of Business and Technology programmes and MBA Programme Leader at Arden University, Matthew Cooper, said: “Financial advice is a growing sector; people are looking for sound financial advice - not just one-size-fits-all responses from websites.”

“That said, most customers suffer from trust issues when talking to others about their precious savings. Therefore, it’s of vital importance that advisers seek the appropriate qualifications from reputable education providers and qualifications that have been underwritten by appropriate professional bodies, such as ACCA.”

You can find our finance related courses listed here.

3. HR manager

Human resources is a function that all businesses need to utilise, and this means that HR roles can remain stable during uncertain times. Last year, Recruitment International posted an article which stated that the demand for HR professionals rose year on year, despite Brexit – and that doesn’t look set to falter any time soon.

If you enjoy working with people and are confident in your organisational abilities, a career in HR could be perfect for you. A HR manager’s responsibilities could include: handling grievances, implementing company policies and recruitment.

At Arden, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which allow you to specialise in human resource management, offering an ideal entry route into the HR sector.

4. Senior business manager

More and more businesses are on the lookout for strong, senior managerial candidates who possess the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to help a company succeed. If you want to succeed in a senior business management role, you must be well equipped.

“The MBA is an ideal way for managers to learn both hard and soft skills in readiness for senior management positions,” said Sunderland MBA Programme Leader, Alison Watson. “Over a number of years there has been greater emphasis placed on managers to develop their soft management skills, including communication, interpersonal, motivation and team building.”

“In many organisations employee involvement and participation is on the increase, and managers equipped with softer skills can capitalise on the skills and knowledge acquired from the workforce.”

If you’re interested in excelling to senior management level, a relevant degree could help you progress in your career and acquire the skills you need.

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