The benefits of working for a big brand are massive but with thousands of applications for a single job role, how do you get yourself hired?

The benefits of working for a big brand

According to the data provided by LinkedIn, many of our graduates work for such giants as Honda, HSBC, Prada, Travis Perkins, Barclays and Qatar Airways, holding positions of responsibility such as Security and Fraud Risk Officer, Head of Pricing Analytics or European Media Consultant.

But does working for a prestigious company add value to your CV?

Working for big brand names means that people make an instant, usually very positive judgement about you.You say ‘I am at Apple’ or ‘I work for Google’ and people picture a mountain of capabilities. When business contacts or potential recruiters recognise a big name, the magic of brand association happens, creating an impression of a well-trained candidate with a lot of valuable experience and knowledge.

"I am working for a global firm in a quite senior position, and my hope is that my LLB journey will inspire one or two colleagues to do something similar."

Detloff Rump, LLB (Hons) alumni

Another huge advantage of working at one of those prestigious companies is that they have the money and infrastructure to do things in the best way possible.The investment they make in the development of their staff means that you, as an employee, learn the best techniques, practices and standards with the aim of becoming an expert in your chosen area of work.

The benefits of working for a big brand are massive but with thousands of applications for a single job role, acceptance rates are often lower than 3%.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and get hired by the Fortune 500 companies?

Professional man on Ipad looking at data

It all starts with choosing the right university

The ‘right’ university will mean different things to different people, but what we find important at Arden University is the ability to gain relevant work experience while studying flexibly. The world of work is extremely competitive, and industry experience could give you the edge you need when standing against other fresh-faced graduates.

Online and blended learning may also have another advantage over the traditional mode of study: In the 21st-century workplace, more practices are moving online than ever before. Therefore, the experience of working in a completely digital sphere can give you the edge when it comes to employment.

Your journey to a better career starts as soon as you submit your university application – make sure you consider all the ins and outs of the options available to you.

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