Arden Offers Fully Funded Master’s Degree To All Its Undergraduates*

Arden University offers fully funded master’s degree* to its undergraduates to help fast-track their career in wake of Covid-19 pandemic

Arden University today (July 7) announces it is offering a fully funded master’s degree to all its undergraduates* to help fast-track their career in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arden University launches its new Fast-Track Your Career Promise – offering a fully funded online master’s degree for every Arden student who graduates with an undergraduate degree at Arden.

The initiative was launched to support its students impacted by the pandemic and negotiating a difficult post-COVID-19 jobs market.

The offer means Arden’s students can continue onto their post-graduate master’s degree with Arden with no tuition fees once they have successfully completed their bachelor’s studies. 

According to ONS figures,  78.9% of postgraduates were in ‘high-skilled employment’ in 2019, compared with 65.6% of working-age graduates and 23.9% of non-graduates.

To help equip its students, Arden graduates will be able to choose from one of the University’s 24 distance learning master’s courses and MBA’s in a range of areas including business, computing and psychology. Students will have five years after graduation to take up the offer.

Vice-Chancellor and CEO Carl Lygo, said: “The economic effects of COVID-19 means students are now entering a very different jobs market than the one they anticipated when they first started their undergraduate studies with us. Our students are having to find ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd and a master’s degree will help distinguish students and help them stand out in an increasingly competitive market.”

The figures also show that annual median salaries for post-graduates was £42,000 pa compared to £34,000 pa for graduates and £25,000 pa for non-graduates. 

Another recent survey by IDP Connect 3 showed 41.4% of undergraduates surveyed were considering a postgraduate course. Almost 20% reported they were unsure if they had enough money to start a postgraduate course with 8.43% reported concern over getting a job to financially support their studies.

Respondents were most interested in financial help, either through financial support and waivers (18.97%), or by offering lower annual fees for online courses (16.67%).

Professor Lygo, added: “We understand that it is an uncertain time, and this is our way of helping our students with their ongoing career development while supporting our vision to be a responsible educator that supports life-long learning.” 

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*Terms and conditions apply.

This article was published on July 7, 2020.