Discover everything you need to know about the new Karren Brady MBA, launched in January 2020 by Arden University.

The Karren Brady MBA


The Karren Brady MBA is the newest addition to Arden University’s growing portfolio of industry-led programmes.

Created with valuable input from Baroness Brady herself, this qualification hones in on real-world business skills to help managers who aspire to reach the top acquire not only the knowledge and skill-set to do so, but the confidence as well.

Here, we take a close look at the Karren Brady MBA, exploring what makes it different from others, how Karren was involved in shaping the programme and more.

What is the Karren Brady MBA?

The Karren Brady MBA is an MBA qualification with a difference. Focusing on business activities which are vital to success in today’s challenging business environment, the programme carefully combines strategic leadership theory with the practical skills every manager should master if they’re aspiring to reach the top of their game.

This MBA also addresses issues which every leader must fully comprehend in order to survive in the modern world of business; think corporate social responsibility, inclusivity and diversity, and chance management.

Delivered almost entirely online via Arden’s Distance Learning platform, anyone who enrols on the Karren Brady MBA will also get the opportunity to attend a two-day residential for each of their two years of study. These face-to-face sessions will include masterclasses with renowned business leaders, networking events, and much more.

What makes the Karren Brady MBA unique?

While almost any MBA boasts a focus on the application of theory to real-life business situations, the Karren Brady MBA has multiple components which come together to make the programme stand out in a crowded market.

By concentrating on a variety of key business skills more so than individual business functions, this postgraduate qualification addresses skills shortages commonly faced in businesses today, equipping anyone enrolled on the programme with the ability to negotiate confidently, lead their company through significant change, and manage effectively in a cross-cultural environment, amongst many other things.

As well as the attributes woven into each academic module, students on the Karren Brady MBA will receive support from an industry mentor and masterclasses from Karren and other successful business leaders, as well as completing questionnaires to receive detailed diagnostic reports assessing their essential skills.

Was Karren involved in the creation of the programme?

This MBA programme has been heavily shaped by the valuable insights Karren has to offer from her years spent working her way to the top.
Working closely with our team of academics, Karren has contributed substantially to the course content, and has been an advocate of the ‘softer skills’ element from day one, having learnt just how important they are if you’re looking to succeed in business first-hand.

Who is the Karren Brady MBA for?

The Karren Brady MBA is ideal for those who already have some years of management experience behind them, but are looking to progress even further in their career to achieve a more senior leadership role.

The qualification could also prove valuable for entrepreneurs, as the knowledge, skillset and attributes the Karren Brady MBA instils in anyone embarking on this educational journey are extremely relevant and highly applicable to the creation and growth of an independent business.

With the course content delivered entirely online, it’s quite possible to study this MBA alongside part-time or even full-time employment, making it the perfect course for busy, working professionals, prepared to put in the work required to get ahead of the rest.

How much does it cost to study the Karren Brady MBA?

The fees for the Karren Brady MBA are £12,500 for the full, two-year programme. 

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