Arden University students celebrate World Teachers’ Day! This year, to honour our lecturers, we asked the students if they had any special message for their favourite teachers. Here's what they had to say:

Arden University students celebrate

World Teachers’ Day!

Every year, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated internationally on 5th October. This day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 to recognise the role of teachers in society.

This year, to honour our lecturers, we asked the students if they had any special message for their favourite teachers. Here's what they had to say:

1. "I would like to say thank you to Mr. Matthew Cooper my lecturer for the course "Understanding the Business Environment". He has been such a great help, prompt when responding to emails and queries, as well as providing much needed suggestions! Most of all, it is very comforting having a lecturer with a sense of humour which assists with relieving the situation. Also, thank you to all Tutors/ Lecturers, for providing much needed support for us students!" - Reah Lord.

2. "Immediately after completing mu module on Computer Technology, the first thing I thought of is to write a book on IT for senior secondary school. My approach to programming has also changed, simply because I understand computers better and I know what to take advantage of as a programmer in order to make my application resource efficient. My big thanks to Dr. Adrian J Pullin." - Ebrima Comma

3."Would like to place on record again my profound appreciation to every one of my tutors but particularly Ian McPhee (Marketing), Alexandra Charles (Finance), Aaron Taylor (HRM) and Kara Johnson (2 Law Modules). They each deserve special mention and acknowledgement, more so on this Special Day. Thank You All!" - Debra Janet Johnson.

4."To my current first module lecturer, Mr. High Smith, thank you for teaching us history. And also thanks to my second module lecturer Paula Reilly. THANK YOU from a grateful heart. And to both of you, I say HIP, HIP, HURRAY. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY." - Benjamin Ajodun Olape.

5. "Matthew Cooper has been such a great help and I have had understanding and patience from most of the tutors at Arden and long may they reign.I failed my last module on Finance but my tutor Gareth has not 'failed' me ~ he is willing to facilitate my second attempt and giving me all the assistance I need.
I am older than possibly all of you and therefore guidance is appreciated as many years since I studied ~ guidance is AVAILABLE" - Florence Bishop.

6. "Prof. Duddington made Land Law studies easier for me. As I continued to read through the module, it felt like he was present in person. One could feel that the modules were not just words borrowed but rather an insight into his mind. The module became enjoyable to read!" - Wendy Mapoka.

7. "I must commend Mr. J Hendy; for Criminal Law. He built me though his feedback and with criticism of my work. I must admit, it did hurt at first to read his comments but I re-read them 100 times, and after that, I never looked back.
I don't think he knows how his feedback has helped me to do better and improve my grades in the subsequent modules which has resulted in the best marks and tutor feedback I have ever had. Thank you once again." - Wendy Mapoka

8. "All my lecturers at Arden University have been helpful and dedicated but special mention must be made of Ms. Paula Riley and Mr. Hugh Smith for their dedication, encouragement and support. Thank you very much and keep up the good work." - Natalie Charles-Ross.

9. "Thanks to my lecturers for being supportive. You added meaning to my life and thanks for being such a great inspiration always." - Pauline Banda.

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