How to make the most of your study time.

Do you find yourself wondering if you could study from home?

Imagine yourself relaxing at home, you don’t have to go anywhere or even get out of bed. Or maybe you are at the kitchen table, finally having some time to yourself after the kids have gone to bed. Yep, that’s right: you can study your MBA or Degree from the convenience of your own home! All you need to do is switch on your laptop, slip into something comfortable and get ready to learn. It’s that easy and we’re going to tell you how…

Survival tip 1: Routine – You are in control

Make yourself a timetable and plan out what you want to do that particular week. Especially if you’re working, you can manage your time more effectively around your other commitments, whether they are work, family or social activities. Online learning is particularly good for flexibility as you slot in study when it suits, complete modules at your own pace and only progress through modules when you are ready.

Survival tip 2: Distraction turns into reward

You’re working from home, so the likelihood of distraction can be high. If you study through online learning you’ll need to manage the distractions of life, many of those coming from the internet itself!

So anything from news alerts, mobile phones, television programs and social media are distractions that can hinder your study time. Just switch them off or put aside and use as your reward for achieving your day’s study goals.

Survival tip 3: Productivity – Support is there when you need it

Use your time wisely; make sure you’re making notes, reading relevant articles or watching online content to help you in your coursework or assignment. It will not only help you strengthen your knowledge in the field you’re studying in, but will help in building your confidence for writing about it too.

Don’t forget you have tutor help. At Arden University we offer responsive tutor support - you can email, call or live chat online. You can speak to tutors directly through ilearn to answer all your burning questions and see what other students are asking too.

And finally, remember to always take time out. There is nothing worse than over working yourself – remember you are taking up this challenge for you, so look after yourself, take out some R&R time and then... study on!

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