Being a woman in STEM can certainly come with its hurdles – namely, people who speak before they think. Here are eight things you should never say to a woman in STEM.

Being a woman in STEM can certainly come with its hurdles – hurdles in the form of thoughtless comments and irritating questions! Here are eight things you should never say to a woman who works in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

You’re the best female engineer/coder I know.

Or the best engineer/coder you know, full stop?

So, you’re like the mum of the office?

So, that makes you the office child then, yes?

Could you point me in the direction of the nearest engineer/coder?

You’re looking right at her.

You’re really smart… for a girl.

Just. Don’t.

You don’t see many cute engineers/coders.

Puppies are cute… teacup pigs… Not women at work.

Being female has its advantages.

Which are often outweighed by disadvantages, so get over it.

You might meet your future husband at work.

Yes, because that’s exactly why I wanted this job. And yes, that is sarcasm.

Do you need me to do that for you?

Umm, let me think that over for a moment… no.

If your biggest ambition is to succeed in a career in STEM, don’t let anything stand in your way; studying a related degree programme is one of the best ways to get started!

At Arden, we offer courses in engineering management and computing, amongst many others.

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