We’re always keen to share our students’ stories of juggling their studies with real lives, wherever they are in the world. 

This Christmas our online learning student Bettina Finna, who lives in Germany and is studying hard for her Psychology degree, shares how she’ll be enjoying the holidays and taking a break – or perhaps not! – from her studies with Arden.

What holidays do you celebrate Bettina?

So I am originally from Hungary (I was born there), but I’m now living in Germany and I celebrate Christmas.

How do you celebrate?

Typically our Christmas begins with cleaning up the apartment, putting up the tree, decorating it, cooking and then giving the presents. After the Christmas presents are opened we eat dinner and enjoy family time.

What’s your favourite part of this holiday?

The celebration of Christmas always seems to me as the most generous holiday full of presents and with a beautiful tree and nice food, so I have loved it since I was a child.
My most favourite part is choosing the Christmas Tree (it has to be symmetric with lots of leaves!) which is then followed by decorating it with all the beautiful figures and little bells and candy. I also love giving – and receiving- presents which is the other main event!
But my other favourite thing about this time of year is the beautiful Christmas markets all over Germany. It is unbelievable; mulled wine and great warm food, beautiful decorations and these markets are present in many-many German towns (small or big). Who wouldn’t like christmas when there is mulled wine and gingerbread?
Things will be different this year without the markets because of Covid.

What kind of food do you normally eat then?

My mother always used to make a fish based dish and lots of different desserts.

How, if at all, do your studies fit into your holiday schedule?

Of course. I enjoy studying So I don’t throw my notebooks away neither for the Christmas season. Even when it is a little busier, I always find some time to keep up with the lessons.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions, or goals for 2021?

I won’t tell my personal New Year’s resolutions of course, but my goal in general is to do very well with my studies!

Well said Bettina! Happy Holidays to all our students celebrating around the world.

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