Nervously awaiting your A level results? Regretting your choices of uni or degree course? Then our pre-Clearing top tips could offer you the advice you need.

Not long to go until A Level Results Day!

Each year, more and more university applicants go through Clearing and not just because they failed to achieve the grades they needed. Clearing is also an opportunity to rethink your earlier choices (perhaps made nearly a year ago) and to change your future.

With the average student leaving university with at least £40,000 of debt and this set to rise to £50,000 for new students, it is not surprising that increasing numbers of university applicants are thinking twice about the value of the degrees they have chosen.

So, make the most of this time to look again at your initial choices.

“Keep an open mind and don’t rule out universities you aren’t familiar with. Now is a great time to look at all the opportunities available.”

​Kayleigh Parsons,
Admissions Team Leader

Consider using Clearing...

Most universities will have places available through Clearing and you can take this opportunity to make sure you have made the right decision. You can also use Clearing if you have changed your mind about what you want to study or where.

... but remember, Clearing is not your only option

While Clearing does secure degree courses for a large number of students each year, it is not always necessary. You can secure a place to study a degree without going through UCAS.

Arden is one of several universities that accepts direct applications, and you can start the application process by speaking to one of our course advisors. This can help you avoid an awful lot of stress.

There are also better value alternatives

With student debts rising, it is understandable that some university applicants are having doubts about whether or not a degree is worth it. So, what are your other options?

A degree doesn't have to cost near £30,000 - at Arden, we invest in teaching, technology and streamlined campus facilities while managing to keep fees far more affordable. A three-year, online degree can cost just £12,825. You can still fund this through student loans, if you are eligible, but the amount you owe will be considerably less than with other universities.

You can also take a blended approach to learning, where you get the addition of regular face-to-face teaching and access to campus facilities in Ealing, Tower Hill, Holborn, Birmingham or Manchester.

And as you can earn at the same time, possibly while continuing to live at home, you can help fund your living costs rather than incurring even more debt in the form of maintenance loans and overdrafts. Remember, many universities offer as little as 10 hours of lecture time a week, typically spread across five days, so most students have little time to work.

We make it easier by condensing Blended Learning into two or three full days of classroom delivery for that all-important personal tuition time, giving you days free to continue to work. If you want to work full-time during the week, opt for online learning with support via Skype, email or over the phone.

Worried about employability?

“Online learning gives you the option to study flexibly, so you can learn while you earn – in the days of the all-important work experience, this is a considerable advantage in the graduate world,” says Kayleigh.

“By the time your peers graduate, you’ll have three years of work experience under your belt, as well as valuable contacts you might not have had otherwise.”

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