As the clock is ticking down on 2017, we are already half way through January – a month traditionally associated with great opportunity. Make a fresh start.

New year, new job?

As the clock is ticking down on 2017, we are already half way through January – a month traditionally associated with great opportunity and a time to turn over a new leaf and reinvent yourself.

Most of us will vow to make some positive changes in our lives: join the gym, spend less money or find a new job. If professional growth is on your list, have you considered studying a degree to boost your career? You might start seeing the benefits of flexible online study instantly:

'I started the Health and Social Care (Hons) degree a little over a year ago now... Here I am now, earning £10,000 a year more than I was 3 months ago.' - Edith Giani, Healthcare student.

You might even consider completely changing your field of work - and you won’t be the only one! According to a research by Vodafone, the 31-35 age group is the most unhappy with work. If you find yourself among that group, it might be the right time to make the change. This article on changing career in your 30’s and 40’s might help you. And remember: It’s never too late, as proven by Val, who is currently studying her degree at the age of 75 (yes, that’s right).

If you’re keen to change your career, but not sure which field you might want to move into, here’s five top career choices to seriously consider aiming for this year.

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New year, new uni?

Do you know a student who is not enjoying university? The start of a new term can mean studying for exams, moving away from home again and a feeling of being alone or missing home, which can often heighten emotions of anxiety and stress. If you know someone who is stressed about their university experience, there are a few steps you can take to make them feel better.

‘Feeling very low or stressed is a sign that something needs to change, and there is often more that can be done than you realise,’ said Caroline Stonell, head of student support at Arden University.

Are you a student who’s not enjoying uni? If you feel that your current university or course simply isn’t cutting it for you, it’s not the end of the world – you might be able to transfer between universities or courses to study a degree that meets your educational and social needs better.

There is plenty you can do to make this year a memorable one – take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves and don’t be afraid to seek a new, better you.

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