A foundation year is a fantastic step between further and higher education. If you’d like to study for a degree in a specific subject but perhaps lack confidence in your understanding of the topic, opting for a degree with an integrated foundation year will provide you with all the self-assurance you need.

There are many different reasons why someone would choose to study a foundation year; they may have lacked direction in the past and now realise which career they’d like to pursue, or they might have underperformed in school and now hope to secure a more stable future.

Whatever your reason for wanting to study a foundation year, it will act as perfect preparation for the stage that follows: undergraduate study. As well as boosting your confidence, you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need for academic success in your chosen area.

After completing – and passing – the foundation year, you will go on to complete a full undergraduate degree, utilising all the study skills you have already learnt.

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If you choose to study a degree with an integrated foundation year with Arden, you’ll only be needed in the classroom three days a week. That means you have enough time to work alongside your studies and earn while you learn.

No matter which subject you choose to study, your foundation year will include six modules – three of these are core modules which will help you acquire the academic skills needed for success in higher education. The other three modules will be related to the subject of your choice.

If you find yourself wishing you’d persevered with education at an earlier stage in your life, don’t worry over the fact that it’s too late, because it doesn’t have to be – a foundation year is one of the best ways to reintroduce yourself to education and secure a brighter future.

After successful completion of your foundation year, you will go on to complete your undergraduate degree by attending on-campus classes at your Arden study centre just two days a week over a three-year period. We have five study centres to choose from: Ealing, Tower Hill, Holborn, Birmingham and Manchester.

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