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A foundation year is a fantastic step between further and higher education. If you’d like to study for a degree in a specific subject but perhaps lack confidence in your understanding of the topic, opting for a degree with an integrated foundation year will provide you with all the self-assurance you need.

There are many different reasons why someone would choose to study a foundation year; they may have lacked direction in the past and now realise which career they’d like to pursue, or they might have underperformed in school and now hope to secure a more stable future.

Whatever your reason for wanting to study a foundation year, it will act as perfect preparation for the stage that follows: undergraduate study. As well as boosting your confidence, you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need for academic success in your chosen area.

After completing – and passing – the foundation year, you will go on to complete a full undergraduate degree, utilising all the study skills you have already learnt.

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