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Beth Jacklin, Arden University staff member

Name: Beth Jacklin 
Subject: BA (Hons) Business (Finance) (Top-Up) 

I really like the flexible nature of the programme and the ability to study when and where it suits me! The teaching is great and course structure is nice and easy to follow. 

Beth originally had plans to become a nurse, but after securing a place at university, she realised it wasn’t for her. She’s now working for a successful estate agency and continues to build her work experience in the world of business. 

After school, I decided to go to college to study A-levels. I had always thought about being a nurse, so I chose subjects which were relevant to the subject and ones which I enjoyed, English, biology and chemistry. 

When I started my studies, however, I started having second thoughts. Although this had always been my lifelong dream I started to wonder if it was the right career path for me. 

With all this uncertainty and over-thinking I ended up being unfocused. At the end of my A-levels, I was disappointed by my grades but still managed to get my place at university to study nursing. However, something was telling me this wasn’t for me – I finally listened to what my gut was telling me and ended up dropping out and looking for work instead. 

When I was job-hunting, I was fortunate to know someone who went on to offer me an opportunity to work as a sales advisor at one of the UK’s biggest housing developers. I immediately accepted the role helping to sell new homes to buyers across the South West. 

I gained a bit of experience with some other companies in similar roles and found myself developing a deep interest in business and management. I was keen to broaden my horizons and decided to enrol on a foundation degree at my local college to help endorse my experience. 

By the time I had finished, I had become a homeowner and with elderly grandparents who require a lot of attention and care, continuing my studies at a traditional university just didn’t suit my needs. I was determined to complete my full degree, so I started researching alternative options that could fit around me, my family and work. 

Arden seemed to tick all the boxes and, as I’d already completed a foundation degree, I could enrol on the top-up option, which meant I only had to complete the final level (6) to gain my full qualification. I released my first ilearn module last year (2018) and have been working through my modules pretty quickly. 

What do you like about your course? 

I really like the flexible nature of the programme and the ability to study when and where it suits me! 

The teaching is great and course structure is nice and easy to follow. I find the assignments have been set with a reasonable amount of time to complete them in, which I appreciate and I particularly like the live sessions as they offer an opportunity to interact with fellow students, as well as lecturers – and if I ever miss them, the recorded versions are still available for me. 

Any advice to those thinking about studying? 

Being able to study may not seem possible for a number of reasons, but you really can do it! The lecturers at Arden are very understanding and are conscious of the fact that you have other things going outside of university. They’ve all been incredibly supportive! 

What are your plans after university? 

I’d like to continue to build on the experience I’ve gained so far; I currently work for a large, independent estate agency with different properties at all ends of the scale. Once I graduate, my ambition is to then start training towards becoming a Chartered Building Surveyor.

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