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Sarah-Louise celebrates her graduation at Arden University

Name: Sarah-Louise Griffiths
Subject: LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status - Distance Learning

Whilst studying my A Levels, I did apply for several universities throughout England and was successful in them all. I did however, make the decision to not attend full time University.

We received the letter below from recent Arden graduate, Sarah. We are very proud of her achievements and happy that she chose Arden University as the place to study for her degree. 

Dear Arden,


Firstly I would like to thank you, the University and everyone who made it possible for me to study my Law degree through Distance Learning. Whilst studying my A Levels, I did apply for several universities throughout England and was successful in them all. I did however, make the decision to not attend full time University and declined my place at Newcastle University. I wanted to gain experience and make sure that law was the area I wanted to pursue my career in, before undertaking such a demanding course. I did defer my place for a year but again decided that I wanted more experience. After gaining about four years’ experience, I decided that it was time for me to study my law degree, and I was a bit upset about the thought of having to give work up. I came across your university after some research on the Internet and was delighted that I had the opportunity to study full time and work full time.

Working full-time and studying full-time has proved to be challenging in some instances, but your team has made this possible and I will be graduating with a 2:1 which in some stages of my degree I did not think would be possible. I faced some mental health, physical health and bereavement along the way. I can do nothing but credit and sing your team praises as they supported me through the difficult times.

Siân Duffin is an absolute credit to your team. There have been numerous occasions when I have bothered and emailed Siân and discussed things with her and probably annoyed her with my endless queries! if I had not received Siân’s support, I don't think I would have made it to the end of my degree. There were days when I just wanted to give up and pack in and it was Siân’s encouragement that saw me through the dark times.

She was supportive when I was diagnosed with anxiety and helped me with study plans and study paths and always sent me an email congratulating me when I had received my exam results. Nothing seemed to phase Siân and if she did not know the answer she always made sure that she emailed me saying that she did not know the answer but would pass to the appropriate team/person.

Siân’s communication skills and patience are excellent and admirable. I am glad to have had the pleasure of working/studying alongside Siân and she will be long remembered by me in helping me be successful in law.

Angela Burns tutored me throughout various modules. Again Angela is another person who is an absolute credit to your team. Angela again knew of my diagnosis with anxiety as I had to withdraw from one of the submissions. She had nothing but kind supportive words to offer me and this made me feel less hard on myself.

Angela is an extremely supportive tutor. I admire Angela, she was the tutor who stood out. She gave the most in-depth and best feedback. She made sure that her information and feedback was clear and I genuinely felt that she was there to support me in any queries and any difficulties I had. I really enjoyed working alongside Angela. She has so much knowledge and experience to give and again I am extremely privileged to have been able to work alongside her.

Kara Johnson and John Duddington have also helped me so much in my degree. They too are tutors with so much to offer to students and so much dedication in helping their students succeed. The support I received from both of them was overwhelming and again it was privilege to study alongside them.

I have genuinely enjoyed studying with Arden University and the tutors, and all my experience. The course materials have been fantastic, the tutors have been excellent and I am truly going to miss working alongside you.

I wish you and all your team the best for the future!

Kind regards,

Sarah-Louise Griffiths

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