Arden University Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2021 timetable

Check your timetable that has been emailed to you by the Support team which lists the dates that you have compulsory academic classes. You can download a copy of optional events and activities that are also taking place throughout the week:

New students:

At the start of each intake Arden University holds an Induction for all students. The aim of the induction is to welcome new students, introduce you to your programme and its resources, and prepare you for the start of your studies. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet to key members of the Academic and Student Support Services staff and to prepare you for success at Arden.

Inductions are in person in our study centres delivered by the Student Support and Academic Teams who will take you on a tour of the student portal and classroom, will introduce you to your study mode and what to expect (and what’s expected of you) and will introduce you to the teams and resources who are on hand to support your journey every step of the way.  
Learn how to:  

  • Plan your learning for your study mode  
  • Navigate the student portal  
  • Prepare for classroom and assignment submissions  
  • Explore support services such as the library, wellbeing portal and career services  
  • Get involved with the AU Student Community and have your voice heard  
  • Ask questions you need to get started   

Please see dates for your specific centre induction


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room   Capacity 
 24th August 2021  Group 1     Online   
 1st September 2021   Group 1     303   30 
 1st September 2021     Group 2   303   30 


 Date    AM 10-12   PM 2-3   Room 
 25th August 2021   Group 1   NA   Online 
 1st September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   413 
 1st September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   411 
 1st September 2021   Group 5   Group 6   409 
 8th September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   413 
 8th September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   411 
 8th September 2021   Group 5   Group 6   409 


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room 
 25th August 2021   N/A   Group 1   N/A (online) 
 1st September 2021     Group 1   401 
 1st September 2021     Group 2   403 
 1st September 2021     Group 3   407 
 1st September 2021   Hasan Tezer   Group 4   410 
 1st September 2021     Group 5   411 
 7th September 2021     Group 1   401 
 7th September 2021     Group 2   403 
 7th September 2021     Group 3   407 
 7th September 2021   Hasan Tezer   Group 4   410 
 7th September 2021     Group 5   411 


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room 
 24th August 2021   Group 1   Group 2   202  
 24th August 2021   Group 3   Group 4    210  
 24th August 2021   Group 5    Group 6    213  


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room 
 2nd September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   202  
 2nd September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   210 
 2nd September 2021   Group 5   Group 6   213 
 2nd September 2021    Group 7    Group 8   211  
 2nd September 2021    Group 9    Group 10    209 


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room 
 7th September 2021   Group 1   Group 2    202 
 7th September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   210 
 7th September 2021   Group 5    Group 6   213 
 7th September 2021   Group 7    Group 8   211 


 Date    AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room   Capacity 
 19th August 2021   Group 1   Group 2   F6   40 
 19th August 2021   Group 3   Group 4   F1   40 
 20th August 2021   Group 5   Group 6   F1   40 
 20th August 2021   Group 7   Group 8   F6   40 
 Total         160 
 25th August 2021   Group 1   Group 2   F1   40 
 25th August 2021   Group 3   Group 4   F6   40 
 Total         80 
 2nd September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   F1/F2   30 
 2nd September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   G2   40 
 2nd September 2021   Group 5   Group 6   G6/F3   28 
 Total         98 
 8th September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   F1   40 
 8th September 2021   Group 3   Group 4   F6   40 
 8th September 2021   Group 5   Group 6   G2   40 
 Total         120 


 Date   AM 10-12   PM 2-4   Room 
 1st September 2021   Group 1   Group 2   401 

Info on Covid Policies

Due to Covid-19, this year has been very unusual for all of us with many new ways of doing things. Please be assured that Arden University is continuously doing everything they can to protect health, safety and well-being of its students whilst also providing an excellent student experience.

Our regulator, the Office for Students and the Department for Education, now expect universities to return to as near normal teaching as possible this autumn and this means that:

  • all classes will return to face-to-face teaching in the Study Centres from week commencing 13th September (the start of the next study block). We know some of you may be feeling anxious about this, but we feel there are huge benefits to learning alongside your peers and Lecturers during these teaching sessions and we encourage all of you to start attending face to face from this date. 
  • you will not need to book a seat in advance of you attending your class in a Study Centre or to use any facilities. 
  • you will not need to provide a negative test result or details on your vaccination status before you come to a Centre to attend a class or use the facilities. 
  • you will not need to social distance in the Centres, and it will be your choice if you want to wear a mask or not when in class or walking around the building.
  • the safety of our students and staff continues to be of great importance to us and that is why we will be retaining hand sanitisers, additional cleaning schedules and screens in classrooms and reception areas.  

It is important that over the next few months, in what we see as a transitional period, we all take extra care to be kind to one another and considerate of other’s views; individuals have their own opinions about what they feel comfortable doing and all views on this matter should be respected.

We will keep all arrangements under review and ensure all students and staff have opportunities to share their feedback on how things are going. We will also keep in touch with you if anything changes. 

Please remember if you are experiencing any symptoms do not mix with staff and students and take a Covid-19 test immediately. 

For more information keep an eye on the UK Government website for guidance and updates and if you have any questions please contact your Student Support Team.

Wellbeing Support – Covid 19

We would encourage anyone who is struggling to get in touch with the Student Support Team who will be able to provide guidance and support. 

Students struggling with their mental health can get support via Arden’s Health and Wellbeing Portal and Togetherall, a safe and anonymous peer support community. Students can also get in touch with their family doctor (GP), look for a therapist or counsellor, or get an initial appointment with a therapist. The charity Mind also provides extensive information on online self-help resources that you can access anywhere in the world.

Your Student Representative Network

Arden University is committed to gaining and taking account of students’ views to inform ongoing enhancements and improvements for students. Part of our ongoing commitment to increasing the influence of student voice is to support our Student Representative Network to seek the views of the wider student body. 

Giving 3-5hrs per week to gather, collate and represent students’ opinions and feedback on their course, mode of study, centre and any other aspects of Arden University, face to face and through Unitu.

  • The role of the Student Representative is to actively engage with their fellow students, gathering and collating feedback, opinions and ideas and working with the University to hear and implement these.
  • There are various roles available within your Student Representative Network from President, Vice Presidents, LGBTQ, BAME and Programme Representatives. 
  • Student Representatives are elected by the Student Body to represent them at University committee and board meetings where they will share feedback received via Unitu, the Student Voice platform. 
  • Student Representatives have positions on a number of university committees and board meetings, and also take part in regular events that review and assure the quality of our programmes.
  • Student Representatives will provide feedback to their peers on any changes that have been implemented as a result of student feedback. These will also be shared via our ‘You Said We Did’ campaign.
  • Any student is eligible to nominate themselves to become a Student Representative. The elections take place on Unitu every year, so keep an eye out! 
  • If you need to get in touch with your Student Representative, a full directory can be found on the A-Z within iLearn.

Exciting News!  

Arden University has had sign off to kick start a Student Association which is a student-run group that dedicates it time and resources to representing the views of students. We will be electing a full time Student Representative President soon who will take an active role in listening to student feedback, views and aspirations. More details to follow soon!