Supercharge your success in 2022

The New Year is just around the corner, and this means new targets, objectives and opportunities. It’s a time for resolutions, looking forward and being hopeful. But, if your next twelve months is expected to include business growth, client retention, increased profits or one of many similar outcomes, then there’s something you need to consider… your employees. Without effective, motivated and fully capable staff, your goals for 2022 are just dreams – and ones that are unlikely to come true.

So, as we enter the New Year, it’s time to turn your attention to the engine room of your success, and ensure your people have all they need to help you succeed. 

The Great Resignation

Following the reduction in Covid-19 restrictions, employees across the globe are taking this newfound freedom as an opportunity to look for new roles and greener pastures. The number of people leaving their jobs has been so vast that the media have termed it ‘The Great Resignation’. It’s only right that after an almost two-year period of isolation and limited movement, people want to ‘stretch their legs’ so to speak. But, where does this leave your business? How can you stop your best staff leaving, and how can you make your company appealing to the replacements for those that do leave? Well, the answer to these questions is L&D.

Learning and development

Research has found that retention rates rise 30-50% for companies with strong learning cultures . And, 71.6% of employees stated that they are constantly trying to obtain further training and develop specialisations  . So yes, L&D really does hold the key to your future success. However, not all learning and development is born equal… 39% of people now prefer digital learning to classroom learning . Whilst this finding doesn’t provide much clarity, what it actually highlights is the fact that people prefer to learn in different ways. So, an investment exclusively in classroom learning or digital classes could see you wasting budget on a large percentage of your employees. The answer lies in a flexible delivery model and a range of teaching methodologies to engage and educate your people. 

Degree-level apprenticeships

At Arden, our flexible degree-level apprenticeships combine innovative online learning with traditional, face-to-face classes to give students a more agile way to study. With 6 Arden study centres, in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester, and 1 in Berlin, Germany, we believe we can offer a study option that suits most lifestyles. So, whether your employee is a full-time parent, striving to be employee of the month, or just doesn’t want the traditional study methods offered by other universities, flexible learning at Arden University offers the agility and support your employees need to fit study around their lives.

By working in partnership with Arden University, you’ll be investing in the training and development of your high performers, helping them to advance their skills and knowledge, as well as boosting your employee retention rates. You will also have the opportunity to introduce new talent, bringing innovation and fresh perspectives to the business and addressing any skills shortages.

To speak to us about degree-level apprenticeships and how you can supercharge your success in 2022, call our Director of Corporate Partnerships Stacey Allen on +447535140278 or email