Business growth, client retention and increased profits, what do all these things have in common? Well, you can’t achieve any of them without highly capable, dependable, and engaged employees. In times gone by, you would have formulated a plan to empower your employees, but the world has changed. We now have entirely new ways of working e.g., hybrid and remote, there’s a large skills gap in the UK workforce, and unsurprisingly, nobody has a rule book for how we lead workforces in this new landscape.
So, how can you empower your employees and maximise their talents? To see just how important learning and development is to your future success, why not take our quiz and test your knowledge...

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At Arden, we have taken the concept of the degree apprenticeship and brought it into the digital age, fit for purpose in today’s reality. By choosing degree apprenticeships with Arden, you’ll be investing in the training and development of your high performers, helping them to advance their skills and knowledge, as well as boosting your employee retention rates. You will also have the opportunity to introduce new talent, bring innovation and fresh perspectives to your business and address any skills shortages.