Are your managers empowering your success?

70% of all the variation between poor and great team engagement could also be explained by the function of the manager. 

Business leaders in the C-Suite can create the most compelling strategies for their business. Equally, the operational employees can make things happen at a shop-floor level. However, it’s the duty of the middle manager to ensure that the strategy and goals of the business are fed downstream to employees, and that daily tasks are completed in pursuit of the ultimate business objectives. They are the link between thinking and doing, and should they be the weak link… then the business is in trouble. So, what makes a good manager, and can you be sure your current mid-level managers have the right skill sets to be the lynchpin for your business’ future?

What makes a good manager?

Were the managers at your business brought in specifically to do that task or were they existing employees who climbed the ranks? If they are the latter, have they been given the learning and development they need to meet the requirements of their new managerial role? Whilst it seems like relevant training should go without saying, research has found that 80% of managers in the UK have little to no training.  It would appear that loyalty to a company and above-average performance is enough to justify a promotion to management. But when this is the case, your business could be missing out on some priceless opportunities for success. A good manager requires a range of skills in addition to knowledge of your business. They need to be good at people management, leadership, accountability, emotional intelligence, communication and judgment decisions. A failure to excel in any of these areas could see the manager lose the trust and faith of the people they are managing – a slippery slope once it begins. 

Make your best staff even better

When you have employees that show the necessary potential to become managers, give them the learning and development they truly need to become powerhouses within your business. At Arden University, we offer degree-level apprenticeships for future managers. We’ll provide your apprentices with an innovative ‘digital first’ learning experience that supports their career progression and wellbeing. All your apprentices will have 24/7 access to our virtual classroom, ilearn, where resources such as video lectures, library resources and a host of other interactive content is available. Importantly, degree apprenticeships provide the ability to study without putting their career on hold, and as it’s predominantly online, with just one face- to-face session a quarter – making it easier to manage for your business too. In addition to this, you as the employer will also have access to reports and dashboards that will enable you to quickly and easily track the performance of your apprentices. 

To see just how important learning and development is to your managers and the future success of your business, read our latest ebook now…