Creating a resilient workforce

The events of the past eighteen months have shown that your business success is hugely dependent on your employees’ abilities to react to unplanned challenges – their resilience, if you will. However, resilience is not just about managing through difficulties.

Resilience is about people being able to use their inherent capabilities to come through with a renewed sense of self-efficacy that actually motivates them to go even further. It allows organisations to come out of a defensive crouch and capitalise on new opportunities. Isn’t it a comforting thought to know that challenges and difficulties could actually be an opportunity for your employees to become even better?

So, with this in mind, how do you create a resilient workforce? Well…

Some believe it’s learning and development    

According to the CIPD, learning and development interventions have been shown to develop resilience, if they are based on good-quality content and delivered appropriately . But, is this the full story? Not quite. Providing your employees with a training session or course 5 years ago may have prompted a positive outcome at the time, but how relevant (and usable) is it now? A key issue with the world we live in now is that it’s moving and developing at such a rapid pace, that a lot of learning is almost out of date by the time the students leave the classroom or online learning portal. To put this into context, The World Economic Forum, has stated that in just five years, 35% of the skills deemed essential today will change . So, should a paradigm shift or market change occur in 5 years’ time, the skills you teach them today will be largely useless – not good news for your employees… or business.

Resilience requires life-long learning

The answer then, is to never stop learning. Teaching and training employees with methodologies that rely on ‘facts’ and current scenarios is a sure-fire way to leave them high and dry in the future. What you need to do is create a desire for knowledge amongst your people. If you can inspire a thirst for knowledge and understanding, then you are truly building a resilient workforce that can overcome any challenge. People who want to learn actively seek out new opportunities to expand their minds and broaden their skill set. When this is the case, these employees are at the cutting-edge of industry changes, technological developments, and operational activities - making them perfect candidates to steer your business through challenging times. 

Take your employees to the next level with degree apprenticeships

At Arden University, we provide your degree-level apprentices with an innovative ‘digital first’ learning experience that supports their career progression and wellbeing. All your apprentices will have 24/7 access to our virtual classroom, ilearn, where resources such as video lectures, library resources and a host of other interactive content is available. Importantly, degree apprenticeships provide the ability to study without putting their career on hold, and as it’s predominantly online, it poses no great inconvenience to your business.

We are proud to have been granted Infinite Degree Awarding Powers (IDAP) in 2021, an important milestone which will positively impact the experiences of our students. Our exceptional standard of education has been assured by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education and many of our courses are accredited by professional bodies, so you can be confident that our courses have been designed to equip your apprentices with transferable skills suitable for today’s workplaces. We’ve grown and evolved to offer a bespoke learning experience, offering both online and blended learning, to meet the changing needs of modern life. We want to do things differently, and we believe in doing things better.

To find out more about degree-level apprenticeships and turning your employees into resilient individuals capable of supercharging your success…

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