How Work Experience can Benefit You

In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for someone with more than just a degree, so how can you stay one step ahead of the competition?

Work experience is the ideal learning opportunity and it’s becoming more and more essential for your career progression. A study by High Fliers found that graduates with previous work experience are three times more likely to get a job offer, compared to those who gained no career-related experience whilst studying. So what are the benefits of gaining work experience during your degree?

Find your career path

If you’re unsure about which career path is right for you, work experience is a great way to explore different options and find your perfect fit without committing to anything long-term. If you’re one of the lucky ones and you’ve already decided on your career path, this is a great opportunity to get first-hand experience in your chosen industry and speak to employees already working in your ideal role.

Enhance your skill set

Not only can you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus on areas you need to improve on during your studies, but you’ll gain a range of transferable skills employers seek out, such as critical thinking, communication and time management. You’ll be able to put the theories you’re learning during your studies into real life situations, so when you walk into your job interview, you’ll have increased confidence in your abilities. 

Four people at a board room table holding tablets, computers, and paper graphs

Build a network

The more work experience you have, the more contacts you have, and these may come in handy in your future career for job opportunities, recommendations and advice.

At Arden, we have a dynamic online community that connects students, tutors and alumni from all over the world, giving students the chance to start growing their connections from day one.

Prove your motivation

If you want an employer to invest you, you’ve got to show them your enthusiasm and passion for the role you’re applying for. By working alongside your studies, you’re showing employers how dedicated you are to your future career and that you’re not afraid of hard work. If you’re worried about the time constraints associated with this, have you considered flexible online study? With Arden, there are no set timetables and you can access your study materials online 24/7 allowing you to study when and where suits you. As our online learning courses are part-time, you can fit your studies around your life and gain the valuable work experience you need to succeed. 

If you want to enhance your employability, then work experience is the way to go. So when the interviewer asks ‘what work experience do you have?’ you’ll be able to show them you have skills that go beyond those of a traditional academic classroom, making sure you’re one step ahead of the competition.