Arden University Community Outreach

Opening doors to higher education

At Arden University we are committed to removing traditional barriers to Higher Education so that our student body reflects the full diversity of modern society. We're reaching out to communities, schools, and colleges to help break down barriers and create equal opportunities for all.

Supporting schools, empowering student

Supporting schools, empowering student

We believe that every student deserves a chance to dream big and achieve their goals. Arden University actively supports Post 16 Providers in raising the aspirations of their students by promoting the benefits of Higher Education. We work with educators nationwide to deliver engaging workshops and interactive sessions that inspire their learners and showcase the opportunities that are available to them in Higher Education.

Higher Education: a journey for everyone

We firmly believe that higher education is for everyone. We are committed to raising academic achievement among under-represented groups, including those from ethnic backgrounds, with disabilities, care experienced and learners living in low Higher Education participation postcodes--breaking the cycle of exclusion, and providing access to quality education. Our aim is to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that they have the chance to thrive and succeed.

Discovering pathways to Higher Education

We're here to guide students on their journey to higher education and help them explore the various routes available. Whether it's through traditional degree programmes, Degree Apprenticeships, or online learning, Arden University offers a range of pathways to match a wide range of future aspirations - opening doors to exciting employment opportunities and a fulfilling future.

Community Outreach activities

Community Outreach activities

Arden University is dedicated to engaging with schools, post-16 education providers, and community groups. We offer a diverse range of activities, both in person and online, designed to empower groups traditionally under-represented in Higher Education.

Just some of these activities include:

Our new Postgraduate Certificate in Neurodiversity: Open to staff members from qualifying schools and Post 16 Providers, as well as the wider public, this project has been created to help people develop the knowledge required to support neurodiverse learners. This course opened for enrolment in April 2023.

Mental Well-being and Resilience: From September 2023 we’ll be running workshops designed to help students at all levels develop strong mental well-being and build resilience.

Support for Parents and Carers: We offer workshops to assist parents and carers in nurturing the mental health of the children they care for.

Other activities include:

  • Developing Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Exploring Higher Education options
  • Is university for me ? -exploring the opportunities Higher Education presents focusing on learners from ethnic backgrounds
  • Applying for university -how to navigate your way through the Higher Education application process
  • People like me? – exploring the opportunities Higher Education presents focusing on people with disabilities and carers
  • Subject specific sessions
  • Critical Thinking Skills click here
  • Developing resilience and managing stress
  • Developing communication and teamworking skills for specific groups of learners e.g., males living in low Higher Education  participation postcodes
  • Developing good habits in reflection and self-direction
  • Psychology workshop click here
  • Criminology workshop click here

Join us and learn more

If you're ready to explore these exciting opportunities or have any questions, contact Tim Robson at Tim is our dedicated contact person who will provide you with further information and guidance.