Blended or online learning

Online or blended learning: which one is right for you?

Blended or online learning


Here at Arden University, we’re dedicated to providing access to flexible learning for ambitious students here in the UK and around the world. We offer two study modes, both designed to give you the best possible higher education experience depending on your preferred way of learning and personal needs.

Blended learning

Students who prefer the structure of in-person lessons and who are able to attend fixed class-times find blended learning our most convenient mode of study. Blended learning gives you valuable face-to-face teaching twice a week at your chosen campus, whilst maintaining the flexibility of 24/7 access to online learning materials for the remainder of your study schedule.

Online learning

Students who don’t live within easy reach of one of our campuses, who are studying with us from overseas, or who want to save on accommodation costs, find that online learning is the ideal way to gain their degree with us. Online learning gives you complete flexibility, and allows you to fit your degree studies around any other life commitments you have.

Below you can see a snapshot of what you’ll get from our blended and online learning study modes, to help you decide which learning style is right for you. 



Blended learning

Online learning

Flexible schedule, so you can fit your studies around your other life commitments ✔ ✔
8 hours of face-to-face class time each week ✔ ✘
4 hours of online lectures per module ✘ ✔
Earn a UK degree from anywhere in the world ✘ ✔
24/7 online access to your study materials ✔ ✔
Our immersive online learning platform, ilearn, your one-stop-shop for studying with us  ✔ ✔
Free online access to our Library Portal which includes thousands of eBooks and journals ✔ ✔
Microsoft Office 365 subscription, completely free of charge ✔ ✔
Zoom video conferencing, making it seamless to attend lectures from any location or device ✔ ✔
Drop-in sessions for coursework to ensure we never leave you with unanswered questions ✔ ✔
Optional study skills workshops to support you on your academic journey ✔ ✔
Valuable in-person networking with your peers ✔ ✘
Unitu, an online student voice platform where you can connect with your tutors and peers ✔ ✔
Careers support available through Arden Futures, your careers platform ✔ ✔
Togetherall, 24/7 mental health support at your fingertips ✔ ✔
Blackbullion, valuable financial planning and well-being assistance ✔ ✔
Diverse funding and scholarship opportunities ✔ ✔
Digital Backpack including Office 365 subscription, integrated Zoom, careers platform, online library and subscription to Togetherall ✔ ✔


Follow these links to find out more about our blended and online learning options.

What our students say

Why choose Arden
Video • 1 min
Djenabu Balde

The learning style at Arden makes sense for me because of the flexibility, and it gave me the ability to make managerial decisions in my own business. I would highly recommend Arden University to anybody.  

Djenabu Balde
BA (Hons) Business

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