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Blended learning at Arden University

Blended learning

What is blended learning?

Blended learning with Arden gives you the best of both worlds: a mix of face-to-face teaching blended with online learning, based at the Arden campus of your choice in either the UK or Germany.

When you choose our blended learning study mode, you’ll have eight hours of timetabled classes spread over two days at the Arden campus of your choice. This is combined with a minimum of 25.5 hours of independent study per week which takes place through ilearn, our university campus in the cloud. You’ll also have access to our online library, BibliU, from which we’ve carefully hand-picked 7,000 of the most relevant and useful books from BibliU’s library of over 2 million textbooks from more than 2000 publishers. BibliU has a range of built-in functions that help make studying and researching more convenient. You can use the BibliU search function to find a text by title or to track down specific keywords, phrases, or figures. And a simple referencing tool makes citing sources or passages in your assignments easy, just a couple of clicks and you’re done.

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How does blended learning work?

  • You’ll spend two days a week at your chosen Arden University campus.
  • On each of these two days you’ll attend a four hour class led by a subject specialist lecturer.
  • During these sessions you’ll be encouraged to debate, discuss, and ask questions to develop your understanding and acquire key skills in your degree subject.
  • The online element of your studies consists of a minimum of 25 hours of self guided study per week and takes place through our online learning platform, ilearn. It includes tutorials, coursework, study support facilities, chat forums, career development activities, and much more. 
  • All your coursework and assignments are uploaded through our secure online zone for marking on ilearn.
  • You can contact your Lecturer via email and a member of student support via email or phone at any time.

Arden's blended learning model is a modern, engaging way to learn that allows you to balance your studies with the other priorities in your life.

Where can I study a blended learning course with Arden?

We currently have eight campuses in the UK as well as our campus in Berlin, Germany.

All of our campuses are fully equipped with state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities, and are conveniently located nearby good transport links and modern amenities for all your needs. Our campuses can be found in the following locations:

If you want to discuss one of our blended study options with us, don't hesitate to contact a course advisor today:

Arden University UK: 0208 003 6196 or

Arden University Berlin: +49 30 2359 01000 or

Or, if you want to get a first-hand look into the Arden experience, why not attend one of our virtual open days? You’ll get to meet our staff, tour our facilities, and learn more about the different blended learning courses we have available. You can view our upcoming dates and book your place here.

When can I study?

You’ll study your programme through independent online learning combined with face-to-face lectures in one of our campuses.

You’ll study two modules at a time over a 10 week period, with each week requiring a minimum of 33.5 hours of study, comprised of:

  • A minimum 25.5 hours of online self study each week
  • 8 hours per week of scheduled in-person teaching at one of our campuses, spread over two days

Take a look at our example timetable* to see how you can easily fit blended learning with Arden around all your other life commitments.

Example annual timetable

example annual timetable

*Applies from May 2022 onwards.

Example weekly study timetable

example weekly timetable

Subject to the option you select, classes will be scheduled during teaching weeks at the times below*:

Daytime - On either two mornings (9 AM - 1 PM) or two afternoons (1.30 PM - 5.30 PM).

Evenings - Two evenings (5.30 PM - 9.30 PM).

Weekends – Friday (5:30 PM – 9:30 PM) and Saturday (10 AM – 2 PM.)

Your timetable confirming your sessions will be sent to you before you start your studies.

We try to ensure your class schedule remains consistent throughout the full academic year. However, in some cases, timetables and scheduled course activities may be subject to change from one academic year to the next. You’ll receive confirmation of your timetable arrangements four weeks prior to the start of your academic year, giving you plenty of time to prepare for any slight adjustments to your schedule.

*The availability of evening./weekend classes may vary depending on your chosen study location and course. 

Study skills workshops

Throughout Year One of your course, you will receive embedded study skills workshops. Delivered by one of the team of Academic Skills Tutors, these will provide you with help and guidance to develop your academic skills and help you to achieve university success. You will be introduced to all the fundamentals of academic study covering areas such as finding and evaluating library resources, how to approach academic writing, referencing, and avoiding plagiarism.

Library services 

Inside our new online Library Portal you’ll find an incredible array of over 35,000 journals, almost half a million e-books, and an extensive collection of academic and professional databases for you to take advantage of during your studies.  
In fact, our Library portal includes all of the key texts you’ll need to successfully complete your degree with Arden University, personalised for you at the start of your course with recommended reading lists, all in one easy location. This means you won’t have to spend extra money on textbooks when you enrol on your course, saving you an extra £400 a year on average. And of course, zero paper in the form of traditional books means a more sustainable and ecologically-minded way to study for all of us.

Career development resources 

Once you’ve enrolled on your blended learning course, our online careers centre is easily accessible directly from inside ilearn. The careers centre will help you identify the areas of your academic and professional life that you find most meaningful and rewarding, and then apply this to your career pathway.  
Just a few of the career tools you’ll find in the careers centre include: 

  • Interview360, helping you practise your interview technique in a stress-free environment and tackle some of the most common interview questions - as many times as you need to 
  • 100s of interactive courses focused on giving you the skills and confidence you need to excel in your professional life.  
  • My Jobs, where you can search employment vacancies, browse employer profiles by location and, or connect with other employees on LinkedIn.  

You’ll also find a dedicated My Career section where you can assess and begin to refine your own personality traits, career motivations, and workplace resilience, as well as a Career Planner that helps you track your employability progress throughout your studies.

Which blended learning course is best for me?

Whether you’re looking to do a top-up degree, foundation year course, or a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree, Arden offers a broad range of blended learning programmes for you to choose from. Take a look below to find out more about our blended learning options and campuses and to explore our wide selection of available courses.

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