Fast-Track Your Career with a Fully Funded Master's*

Fully Funded Masters

At Arden University, we’re dedicated to your readiness for the future workplace, and are committed to helping you gain the skills and qualifications you need as you progress in your professional life. Our Fast-Track Your Career promise has been developed to allow you to pursue your master’s degree with us through online learning - with no tuition fees to pay - once you have successfully completed your Arden undergraduate degree course.

How can I get my fully funded online master’s degree?

This offer is open to all Arden undergraduate students, whether you’re studying with us via online or blended learning in the UK, internationally, or on campus at our Berlin study centre. The only requirements are that you achieve at least a 2:2 classification from your undergraduate degree, meet the entry standards for your chosen online master’s course, and enrol within five years of completing your bachelor’s degree.

On successful completion of your bachelor’s course, you can simply apply for the online Arden master’s degree of your choice, and you’ll then be able to progress with your postgraduate education completely free of any additional course tuition fees, and with the full benefits and flexibility of online degree study available to you.

We’ll provide you with advice and guidance about which online master’s course meets your career needs and provides a meaningful pathway from undergraduate to postgraduate study. For example, if you’re currently studying a bachelor’s course in Healthcare Management, you might opt for our online MSc Psychology programme, or, why not strengthen your LLB with an online MBA? The options are almost endless.

Please note: this offer will end on 31st December 2022. If you are a current student in the last level of study of your Eligible Undergraduate Programme, or a former Arden University student, and you wish to use this offer, please contact us as soon as possible.

*terms and conditions apply (see below)