5 Reasons Distance Learning Could Help You Get Your Ideal Job

Looking to make your next career move? Discover the impact of studying online, and how it can fuel your progression.

According to research conducted by Happiness Works only 13% of employees worldwide are happy at work. If you are one of the less happy 87%, the key to a finding a more rewarding job might be improving your skills with a relevant qualification. 

Some of us might feel that education isn’t accessible – we might have a family, work commitments or simply a busy life. Distance learning takes these into account and provides an alternative for all the busy bees out there! 

1. Study at your own pace

With distance learning, there is no timetable. You can study at your own pace and maximise your employment opportunities, gaining a qualification without being tied by academic term dates and having to keep up with everyone else.

woman typing on laptop on bed

2. Combine studies with other commitments

Many of our students work alongside their studies, gaining a new qualification while maintaining a part-time job. You can study from home, during lunch break or anywhere else.

3. Less peer pressure

Many people confess feeling embarrassed in front of their colleagues if they take longer to understand certain concepts that others do, so getting back into education can be a daunting prospect. Distance learning takes study out of the classroom and onto our online learning platform, removing that concern.

4. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

If you're employed and seeking a promotion or pay rise, further study could show your employer how committed and driven you are. If you're job hunting, furthering your studies by distance learning shows potential employers that you are proactive and keen to better yourself. 

5. Effective learning

Online learning with Arden University is engaging and employment-focused, meaning you can instantly put what you learn into practice, growing your confidence and showing your employer how your skills are improving. It’s always important to stand out in a competitive job market. Studying for a new qualification could make a great difference to your skillset, knowledge and confidence with minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Find out how Arden University can benefit your next career move by exploring our careers support here or calling one of our admissions advisors today.