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What career support will you get from us?

Any volunteering or work experience you have will be valuable for demonstrating the skills you have to a future employer, however, gaining additional work experience during your studies is a great way to focus your career ideas, develop your professional network and enhance your employability. 

During your time at Arden there will be many different opportunities to gain student work experience, such as contributing to organisational consultancy projects during your studies, becoming a volunteer, or by applying for paid internships. 

Our Careers and Employability team are here to help you to identify your own opportunities, providing information and advice about finding, preparing, and applying for a wide range of volunteering and work-based opportunities. We also provide opportunities for you to network with professionals and industry experts at our events.

How we help you maximise your professional success

Your learning journey with Arden University is not just about the qualification. The skills and knowledge you gain on the way can unlock a better career and a better future for you.

Arden University has a dedicated Careers Portal that sits within our virtual classroom, ilearn, which aims to maximise your chance of getting a promotion, or taking the next step on your career ladder. For students looking for their first role in a chosen career there are a range of tools designed to give you an advantage in a competitive job market.

Learn how to present yourself to employers with confidence

Inside the Careers Portal you’ll find a range of career development tools such as an interview simulator, CV guide/builder, and a job vacancy search engine where you can find local and international employment opportunities. The portal also contains video sessions where leading employers explain what they’re looking for in potential candidates, as well as additional online sessions which cover the fundamentals of how to present yourself as a worthy candidate when entering the job market or climbing the success ladder in your current field.

ilearn and our Careers Centre are exclusively available to those students who enrol on a course with us at Arden University - you'll get your log-in details when you enrol. In the meantime, why not take a look at our video to get a flavour of how useful our Careers Centre can be in helping you find a better job during your studies?

Career centre
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What will you find inside the careers centre?

The careers centre will help you identify the areas of your academic and professional life that you find most meaningful and rewarding, and then apply this to your career pathway.  
Just a few of the career tools you’ll find in the careers centre include: 

  • Interview360, helping you practise your interview technique in a stress-free environment and tackle some of the most common interview questions - as many times as you need to.
  • Hundreds of interactive courses focused on giving you the skills and confidence you need to excel in your professional life.  
  • My Jobs, where you can search employment vacancies, browse employer profiles by location, and/or connect with other employees on LinkedIn.  

You’ll also find a dedicated My Career section where you can assess and begin to refine your own personality traits, career motivations, and workplace resilience, as well as a career planner that helps you track your employability progress throughout your studies.

Degree courses designed with your employability at centre stage

All our courses at Arden are designed with a strong focus on employability, so the skills and knowledge you gain during your studies will directly impact your career - whether you’re just starting out, looking to take the next step, or exploring a complete change in direction. You can be certain we’re committed to helping you achieve your career goals.

Arden Alumni network

Once you’ve completed your degree with Arden, you’ll also benefit from becoming part of our global alumni network. You’ll be part of a family of graduates and professionals from all over the world, creating limitless networking opportunities and support and guidance when you need it. You can read some of our student and graduate stories on our Student Hub page.

Find out what might be the perfect role for you with our quick career quiz!

Choosing the right degree that will support your professional development is a decision not to be rushed into. Wherever you’re currently at on the career ladder, this 5-minute quiz could help you identify which careers you’ll find most satisfying and rewarding, and which degree subject will help you get started.