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Arden University Berlin has an experienced, international faculty to ensure you gain the contemporary skills expertise needed by today’s employers.

Dr Tobias Kleim

Dr Tobias Kliem

Dr Tobias Kliem is the Head of Arden University’s Berlin Campus. After graduating with a Law Degree at the Universität Bremen, he went to the University of Kent (UK) to complete an LLM and then a PhD in Law. He has since worked at Canterbury Christ Church University and Oxford Brookes University as a Programme Lead, and started at Arden Berlin in April 2020.
Tobias is interested in Academic Management, Learning and Teaching, and European, International and Constitutional Law. In the little free time his job and parenting responsibilities leave him, Tobias enjoys cycling, reading and a little amateur programming on Linux machines. He supports Werder Bremen, but would prefer not to talk about this until his team’s fortunes get considerably better!

Elliott Brown

Dr Elliot Brown

Elliot is Senior Lecturer in the School of Healthcare Management. He is a clinical neuroscientist and has spent over 13 years studying what happens in the brain when people suffer from severe mental illness. He was born in Hong Kong, grew up in London and has worked in research and taught across Europe, USA and Canada at places such as Kings College London, Donders Institute, University of Calgary, Harvard University and Charité Berlin. 
Outside of Arden, he advocates for mental health with the Global Health Hub Germany, Leibniz PhD Network and Young Leaders for Health. Since being a parent, he has been working hard to rediscover his old hobbies like cooking, gardening, DJing and hiking, but has been failing miserably at this.

Jinan Abi Jumaa

Dr Jinan Abi Jumaa


Jinan Abi Jumaa is currently a Senior Lecturer and Programme Team Leader for the Master of Public Health at Arden University. She teaches various modules in the area of Health and Care Management and Public Health. Jinan holds a PhD from the Charité Medical University Berlin and a Master’s in Public Health from the American University of Beirut. She also holds the status of a Senior Fellowship in Higher Education.

Jinan’s research activities and contributions have focused on the following research themes: (1) transcultural and primary health services to refugee populations; (2) the health of displaced, refugee and migrant populations; and (3) innovative teaching methods and practices to enhance the learning experience for students.

Away from work, Jinan is passionate about travelling, food, and culture.

Dr. Samuel Aylett

Dr Samuel Aylett-Streitberg

"The value of words lies in reading them carefully and using them cautiously."

Homi K. Bhaba, 2021

Dr. Samuel Aylett-Streitberg is one of two International Programme Leads at Arden University Berlin. Before moving to Arden, Sam completed his PhD at the Open University, where he remains a Visiting Fellow at the Ferguson Centre for African and Asian Studies. Sam is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His new monograph, Legacies of an Imperial City, was recently published by Routledge.

As an education enthusiast and advocate for Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies, Sam has a deep understanding of what it takes to create a dynamic and meaningful learning environment and works tirelessly to ensure that students from all backgrounds have access to high-quality education.

In his personal life, Sam is a dad and avid rugby fan, supporting England and Northampton Saints from afar. With what little spare time he has left over, he likes reading crime novels and historical fiction, playing the guitar, and cooking.

Dr Behrooz Gharleghi

Dr Behrooz Gharleghi

Dr Behrooz Gharleghi has several years of teaching, research, and practical experiences in various capacities in Malaysia, Peru, and Germany. He worked as Senior Researcher, Affiliate Research Professor, Associate Professor, and Head of Graduate Business School in the previous institutions. He has published several articles in the area of financial economics, monetary economics, and business management and currently is the Associate Editor of the Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia. He has led on and collaborated in various international research projects especially from the United Nations, F.A.O, Volkswagen Foundation, and the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. He received the "Outstanding Researcher in Economics" award from the Venus International Foundation's "Venus International Research Awards" in India in October 2017. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Arden Lecturer Tobias Stähler Berlin Study Centre

Dr Tobias Stähler

Tobias Stähler has a professional background that comprises corporate communications and roles in management and higher education alike. He has been teaching international students in a variety of management-related subjects for more than nine years, and has also worked as a PR freelancer for companies from the Food & Beverages and Public Health industries. Tobias is a fully trained merchant in wholesale and foreign trade, and holds a Master Artium from GeorgAugust-University Göttingen in Sociology, Communication Sciences and Cultural Anthropology.
Tobias’s research and publications are focused on political and organisational communications and qualitative empirics; his academic memberships include INSNA, NAPOKO, IISM Berlin. In his personal life, Tobias is passionate about badminton, food, and hiking around the Scottish Highlands.


Dr Victor Vargas

Dr. Victor Vargas joined Arden University in 2020, leveraging extensive industry experience across Germany, Brazil, Europe, North America, and Asia. During his role at Deutsche Bahn, Victor worked on IT systems for trains. In Brazil, he led an Innovation Institute at SENAI in collaboration with Germany's Fraunhofer Institute, focusing on the RD&I of the national industry. Victor’s industry knowledge spans mechatronics, biomedical engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Victor holds various degrees in electronics, mechanical and biomedical engineering, business and finance, innovation, project management, and corporate development from institutions in Brazil, Germany, and the USA. He also volunteers for professional bodies such as the PMI and PDMA.

Victor’s interests include innovation, HMI, digitalisation, product development, and project management. In his leisure time, he enjoys Capoeira, fitness, and Forró dancing. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish, and French, and grasps the basics of other languages.


Dr Ourania Papasozomenou

Dr Ourania Papasozomenou joined Arden Berlin in 2019 as a Business Lecturer. She is a policy analyst and economist with a PhD from the Humboldt University of Berlin. An expert in resource management, Ourania worked in several international research projects focusing on water governance and energy policies.  
She has published papers on urban and island sustainability and has extensive teaching experience in teaching in higher education institutions in the UK and Germany.  At Arden University Ourania teaches Business’ topics in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. She is a module leader for Sustainability in Theory and Practice and for Management Information Systems and has supervised over 20 students in Arden, mostly in Project Management, Sustainability and Business topics.  
When she is not reading books, Ourania enjoys learning to play the guitar, taking long walks, and swimming.

Mohammad Ghorbani

Dr Mohammad Ghorbani

Mohammad Ghorbani is a highly accomplished professional in logistics and supply chain management, holding a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering with a focus on logistics and supply chain management. With over 10 years of industry experience in auto manufacturing, oil and gas, and drilling sectors, Mohammad has honed his expertise in optimising logistics processes and enhancing supply chain efficiency. In 2018, he transitioned to academia, working as a researcher and lecturer at prestigious institutions including Kühne Logistics University, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, and SRH Hamburg University.

In May 2022, Mohammad joined Arden University as an associate lecturer. In August 2022, he officially became a full-time lecturer at Arden. Mohammad teaches a variety of modules such as Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Principles of Procurement, Managing Digital Supply Chains, and more. His fields of interest in teaching and research are maritime logistics, sustainability in supply chain via innovative solutions, and improving supply chain performance via collaboration.

Noemi Castellanos-Kuter

Dr Noemi Castellanos de Küter

Noemi Castellanos de Küter has lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic and brings a wealth of international management experience to her lectures. Her expertise includes launching new businesses, corporate communication, cultural diversity management, and international marketing. Noemi currently serves as Deputy Head of Arden University Berlin, focusing on student satisfaction, employee training, internal/external communication, and establishing an entrepreneurship club. Her strong network, cultivated through active involvement with the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, attracts executives to her lectures and consulting projects for students.

She lectures on topics such as entrepreneurship, management and marketing, international business management, negotiation and conflict resolution, and business ethics. Noemi offers coaching and seminars in networking, business etiquette, corporate communications, and business.

Dr. Castellanos earned her DBA in International Business with ISM Paris in 2019 focusing on bi-cultural leadership roles. She received her MBA in International Marketing and her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and French Literature. She also holds a French language diploma and is fluent in Spanish since she spent her childhood in Bolivia, South America.

Elham Shirvani Ghadikolaei

Dr Elham Shirvani Ghadikolaei

Elham Shirvani Ghadikolaei is a lecturer in the School of Health and Care Management. She holds a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin, specialising in Embodied Cognition and Pedagogy. Elham's thirst for knowledge extends beyond her area of expertise, leading her to explore fields such as philosophy and business.

She is currently undertaking her postdoctoral research in Heidelberg, Germany, with a primary focus on the concept of embodied cognition and phenomenology. Elham’s research focuses on the philosopher Eugen Fink and his theory of Spielen (play). She strongly believes in engaging students in their work and fostering their role as leaders in a collaborative learning environment. In her free time, Elham enjoys sports and reading new novels.

Dr. Shoaib Abdul Basit

Dr Shoaib Abdul Basit

Dr. Shoaib Abdul Basit is a lecturer at the School of Leadership & Management at Arden University Berlin. He holds a Master’s in Economics of Innovation from Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Germany and received his PhD in Economics in 2021 from the Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. His primary research fields are the economics of innovation, innovation management, strategic management, entrepreneurship, knowledge sources, knowledge management, and market environment. Shoaib's teaching domain covers a diverse array of modules within management, business, and marketing.

Prior to Arden, Shoaib served as a visiting lecturer at Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Berlin Germany, and as a research associate at Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. He has also been a visiting fellow at Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne, France. 

Shoaib has published original research papers in numerous peer-reviewed international journals such as the European Journal of Innovation Management, the Innovation and Development Journal, the Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, and the European Journal of Management Studies. He has also been a reviewer for various journals, like the Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, the Int. Journal of Finance and Economics, Open Research Europe (Horizon 2020), and SN Business & Economics.   

Irina Shafranskaia

Dr Irina Shafranskaia

Irina Shafranskaia is a Senior Lecturer and International Programme Lead at Arden University. Her role involves leading and monitoring postgraduate programmes with a strong emphasis on ensuring exceptional student outcomes. Irina is dedicated to strategic and operational resource planning to enhance the learning journey of Arden students. She is enthusiastic about higher education and is continuously seeking ways to improve and adapt to the evolving educational landscape.

Irina’s personal philosophy revolves around continuous development and embracing innovation. With a background in marketing and analytics, she approaches decision-making with careful attention, active listening, effective communication, and a strong reliance on data-driven insights. Beyond her professional life, she has a keen interest in travelling, which serves as both an academic pursuit and her most cherished pastime.

Bonna Bambilla

Dr Bonna Bambilla

Bonna Bambilla is a dynamic and highly motivated academic professional, dedicated to shaping the future through sustainability and education. Currently holding the position of lecturer and module leader at Arden University Berlin within the Faculty of Leadership and Management, Bonna brings a wealth of experience to her role.

In her previous academic role, Bonna served as a Professor and Associate Department Chair for Internship at Far Eastern University. During her tenure, she successfully fostered valuable industry partnerships and garnered exceptional evaluations for her teaching practices.

Bonna's passion for tourism extends beyond the classroom. During her free time, she actively explores and immerses herself in the wonders of the world. Having explored 25 different countries already, she continues to embark on new journeys, immersing herself in diverse cultures and expanding her global perspective. Her commitment to sustainable tourism and dedication to fostering transformative educational experiences make her a true advocate for shaping a brighter future.

Amanda Welfare

Dr Amanda Welfare

Amanda Welfare is originally from Bath, UK, and holds a degree in English as well as a Master's in Education. Within the Arden community, she plays a pivotal role in aiding students in their academic endeavours, guiding them on how to enhance their language, grammar, and punctuation use in assignments. Amanda's passion for teaching shines through, and her classes are characterised by their fun, practical, and helpful nature.

Beyond her profession, Amanda is an ardent traveller. She is also currently learning Hungarian from scratch, a pursuit she finds refreshingly challenging.

Dr. Amany Annaggar

Dr. Amany Annaggar

Dr. Amany Annaggar is a Lecturer in Project Management and Supply Chain Management. With a wealth of experience and a strong educational background, she brings a diverse range of expertise to the classroom.

Amany holds a PhD from Humboldt University of Berlin and retains a visiting postdoctoral researcher position with a focus on digital learning. Her passion for creating engaging and effective learning experiences is evident in her commitment to research and curriculum development.

Amany's proficiency in project management and digital education further enhances her value in the field of higher education. Her dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and impactful teaching strategies creates a dynamic learning environment for students, contributing to their personal and professional development.

Annie Heringer

Dr Annie Heringer

Annie Heringer is an English for Academic Purposes lecturer, with a specialised focus on providing writing support to students. In 2021, she achieved her Master’s in Academic Writing Development & Research from Coventry University in the UK. Her thesis revolved around the use of data-driven learning to support autonomous writing development.

Originally from the US, Annie worked in documentary film and television in New York City for ten years before moving to Berlin in 2012. While she gets fewer questions about her current job at parties, she loves working with university students to explore issues of language, identity, and technology.

Ayah Bani Mustafa

Dr Ayah Bani Mustafa

Ayah Bani Mustafa has been working as a marketing lecturer and module leader at Arden University Berlin since January 2021. A few months before officially joining the team, she was a guest lecturer at Arden and fell in love with the university’s concept and environment.

Ayah discovered her passion for teaching during a teaching opportunity at Jordan University in 2013, where she found fulfilment in the development of students. This experience steered her towards a career in academia.

With about eight years of marketing experience at various online service companies across Amman, London, and Berlin, Ayah brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, giving students insights into the market and its best practices.

Ayah is also a certified e-commerce consultant, a SOSTAC associate, and holds a Master's in International Marketing Strategies from Hasselt University- Belgium.

Since 2022, Ayah has taken on the role of dissertation module leader within the school. She provides support to students and trains fellow academics to ensure their research journey is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Our student support team

Whether you need advice on how to submit an assignment or how to make the most out of your time in Germany, including any personal issues, our student support team are here to help you with any queries you may have.

Aleksandra Saroya

Aleksandra Saroya

Aleksandra Saroya joined Arden University Berlin in January 2018 as a Student Support Coordinator. Since August 2018, she has held the position of Campus Manager, taking on key responsibilities related to centre operations and student support. Aleksandra's tenure has allowed her to gain a wealth of experience, and as a founding member of the Arden Berlin campus, she has played an integral role in its successful launch and subsequent growth.

Before joining Arden Berlin, Aleksandra pursued studies in English Philology with a focus on language teaching. She also gained practical administrative experience while working for a local company in Berlin. Outside of her professional life, Aleksandra enjoys travelling, cycling, swimming, and singing, though she has yet to show off her singing skills to a wider audience.

Shahab Kashif

Shahab Ahmed Kashif

Shahab Ahmed Kashif is an Arden University alumnus and joined our team in November 2020 as a Student Support Administrator. In April 2021, he transitioned to the role of Student Experience Manager, taking charge of the student support, coaching and visa support teams.

Shahab has two master’s degrees, one in Computer Science and another in Data Analytics and Marketing (Arden). He has about 15 years of experience in the customer service industry with a focus on quality of work and performance improvement through training and development.

Outside of the office, he enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and cooking. His favourite sports are badminton and table tennis.

Bahadur staff

Bahadur Ali

Bahadur Ali has started his journey as student support officer at Arden University’s Berlin Campus in June 2021. He completed his degree as a Master of Business Administration from Pakistan and as MSC Strategic Business Management at the University of Law’s (UK) Berlin Campus in 2020. Bahadur is a Project Management & Customer Experience professional and has more than 11 years of experience in this sector. In addition, his specialities are Contact centre management, People management, Performance management, Project planning, Process improvement and Business Leadership.
Outside of work, Bahadur loves to read, travel, nature photography and hiking.

Aaron Boyd

Aaron Boyd

Aaron Boyd began his journey with Arden University in 2022 when he assumed the role of Student Support Officer. He has since transitioned to his current position as a Student Success Coach. Originally from the UK, Aaron's career has taken him to the United States, Australia, and Switzerland. With a background in Student Support, working with the homeless, and teaching English as a second language, Aaron loves working with students to ensure they have all the information and support they need to succeed in their studies. 

Beyond his professional life, Aaron is an avid traveller with a passion for amateur photography. He also loves baking and running (to counteract all the baking). Aaron speaks English and French (somewhat) and is trying to grasp the basics of German.

 Sarah Bejkar

Sarah Bejkar

Sarah Bejkar is a Success Coach Team Lead at Arden University Berlin. After graduating with a Master’s in International Business from the National School of Business and Administration in Fez, Morocco, she relocated to Berlin to pursue an MSc in Data Analytics and Marketing at Arden Berlin.

Sarah joined our Berlin team almost immediately after graduating in 2019. Her diverse background and experience encompasses marketing, sales, data analytics, customer service, and coaching. Sarah loves travelling, roller skating, and spending most of her free time in nature with her dog.

George Collins

George Collins

George Collins is an Academic Skills Tutor at Arden University Berlin. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in German Studies and Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, he went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in the Theory of Education at the University of Nottingham. He has since worked in a variety of primary, secondary, further and higher education contexts.

Since joining Arden in 2021, he has been pursuing his interest in pedagogy, distance/blended learning, cultural practice and theory, and the theory of academic skills. Outside of the demands of work and parenting, he is an avid football and sports fan, reads whenever he can, and enjoys travelling to new places.

Metin Esen

Metin Esen

Metin Esen is an Academic Skills Tutor at Arden University Berlin. He holds an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently pursuing a PhD in English Language Teaching.

With a professional background primarily rooted in teaching English for academic purposes within the higher education context, Metin possesses comprehensive expertise in the essential skills, particularly in the realm of academic writing, that students in higher education may require.

In his free time, Metin enjoys cycling and long nature walks. He is also a devoted fan of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Metin would be more than happy to assist you in anything concerning your academic studies in one-to-one sessions or workshops. Please feel free to make an appointment, drop by his office, or send an email.

Andreea Busu

Andreea Busu

Andreea Busu assumed her role as a Success Coach in September 2022. Prior to joining Arden University, she lived in the UK for five years, during which she completed her undergraduate studies and earned a Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy. During her counselling training, Andreea worked in a school-based environment and the charity sector.

A staunch advocate for mental health, Andreea's primary focus at Arden is to guide students through their concerns, help them set meaningful goals, and empower them to overcome any barriers that might hinder their achievement.

Andreea speaks Romanian, English, and Spanish, and is trying to learn German. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys instant photography, good food, live concerts, and contemporary art exhibitions.

Angelina Sciallia

Angelina Scialla

Angelina Scialla is a member of Arden University’s International Student Support and Compliance Team, focusing on providing student immigration support, including visas and residence permits. She has a multidisciplinary background in linguistics, human rights, and communication and has work experience in the field of global mobility and immigration compliance.

Angelina achieved her Master’s in Languages for International Communication and Cooperation, graduating magna cum laude. Her thesis examined the depiction of climate migrants in the narratives of international organisations and institutional communication.

Angelina speaks Italian, English, and German, and a bit of Spanish. In her free time, you can find her hiking in nature, reading a comforting book, or roller skating around Tempelhofer Feld.