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At Arden University Berlin we’re dedicated to making your university experience as rewarding and valuable as we can.

Our students and alumni come from across the globe, making Arden Berlin a truly international and multicultural place to study.

Read below to learn what our students and graduates have to say about studying with us here in Berlin, and how their degree courses are helping them achieve their career goals and personal ambitions.


Jasvir Markandy - MSc IT Security Management - Arden University Berlin

I chose Arden University Berlin because they provide an environment to further your knowledge and pursue opportunities in a new field.

Jasvir Markandy

Oscar Bustillo

Oscar Bustillo - MSc Project Management - Arden University Berlin

I have enjoyed doing my master’s here because it’s not like a traditional university where you sit in a classroom and a lecturer talks and you write down everything. I like that when we come here there’s actually a discussion and we do a lot of analysis.

Dawda Cham - MSc Engineering Management - Arden University Berlin

This degree will help shape my future by opening new doors for me as a professional. It's a stepping stone for my next challenge, both in academia and in my career.

Dawda Cham

Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan - BA (Hons) Business (Tourism) - Arden University Berlin

My tutors assist me any time I have a question, and my classmates are very helpful too. If we have any problems in our assignments or don't understand something then we ask our tutor, and they respond right away and clear things up.

Nkechi Mathilda Nwobi - MSc Project Management - Arden University Berlin

I learn better face-to-face, so blended learning gives me an opportunity to do both face-to-face learning and independent online study. This is better for me because I need time for my daughter as well as my studies, so now I have time for both.

Nkechi Mathilda

Sarah Bejkar

Sarah Bejkar - MSc Data Analytics and Marketing - Arden University Berlin

I am an Arden University Berlin alumni and became a Student Support Officer at Arden Berlin in 2019. I came to Germany in 2018 to study for an MSc Data Analytics and Marketing at the Berlin campus. My experiences with the Student Support team were so positive that I decided to join the team after my graduation!

Sathesh Paramasivam - MSc Data Analytics and Marketing - Arden University Berlin

My course at Arden University Berlin had a lot of flexibility, which helped me concentrate on my employment and industry exposure. I was able to work in two different firms in Berlin at the same to time due to the flexible timing of the course.

Arden Berlin Student Sathesh Paramasivam

Chibueze Dunstan Iheoha Arden University Berlin study Centre

Chibueze Iheoha - MSc Engineering Management - Arden University Berlin

Arden offered me the opportunity to put my years of engineering and technical experience into an academic background. I recommend studying with Arden because of how interactive and engaging the courses are. Thanks to Arden for making my dreams become reality.