Getting started in Berlin

Preparations for your arrival

Once you’ve received an offer of a place here at Arden University Berlin, it’s time to start making preparations for your new life as an international student in Germany. On this page you’ll find information and handy links to resources that will help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Remember, if you have any questions about getting started with us in Berlin once you’ve been offered a place, our student support team are here to help.

Find answers to your questions in your student handbook

After you’ve received an offer of a place on your course, you’ll receive your Arden University Berlin student handbook. The handbook is packed full of advice and guidance about living, studying, and working in Berlin, as well as detailed information about what to expect once you start studying with us in Germany.

Preparation checklist

Your German Student Visa, health insurance, and bank account

Our guide to applying for your Student Visa, obtaining the necessary health insurance you’ll need, and opening a blocked bank account before you arrive in Berlin can be found here

Accommodation in Berlin

It’s best to start looking for a place to live before you arrive in Berlin to begin your studies. Our accommodation services page introduces you to the various living options you can choose from, and how we can help you in your search. On this page you’ll also find information about applying for a residence permit in Germany, and a breakdown of typical living costs for students.

Working in Berlin while you study

You’ll be able to carry out part-time employment in Germany as you study. This is a great way to not only fund your living expenses, but also gain valuable workplace experience. For more information about your employment opportunities as an international student, visit our working in Berlin page.

Hear from others like you who’ve already joined us in Berlin


Oscar Bustillo - Arden University Berlin

I think the best advice that I can give to students is just come here. You will never imagine how amazing it is to be in this city until you come. Once you are here and you experience the international student environment here in Berlin, you’re going to feel amazing.

Oscar Bv2

Making the decision to study abroad is one of the biggest life decisions we can make. At first, the steps may seem a little daunting, but you’ll find that with the support you receive from us your transition to life as a student in Germany is easier than you think!

Visit our student page to hear from Arden University Berlin students who’ve already started their courses with us and are now making a new life for themselves here in Germany.