International Student Accommodation in Berlin

While studying in Berlin, there are plenty of student accommodation options to choose from. Most opt to rent a studio or flat, or to share a flat or house with other students or young professionals. 

Types of student accommodation

Here are some of the most popular types of accommodation for students living, studying and working in Berlin.

  • Private single room (furnished) in a shared apartment (WG) or ‘Wohngemeinschaft’
  • WGs are very popular among students and young professionals. Living in a WG means sharing a kitchen and a bathroom, but each person has their own bedroom. The average rent for this type of accommodation varies greatly depending on the size of the room or the location of the apartment, but prices start at around €400 per month and can go up to €600 for a large room in a good location.
  • Single studio apartment (furnished and with equipment) or ‘Ein-Raum-Wohnung’
  • This is also a very popular way to live as a student. A studio apartment refers to a single large room that features a kitchen and a bathroom. As these apartments are very popular in the housing market, they’re not cheap. Prices vary depending on location and size, but start from around €600 per month.
  • Shared rooms (furnished) in a shared apartment or ‘Mehrbettzimmer’
  • This isn’t always the most popular option, as you’ll live in a shared dormitory-style room with anything up to five other people. However, it’s the least expensive if you’re on a tight budget, with rents for this type of student accommodation in Berlin starting at around €350 per month. 

Temporary accommodation during your first days

If you’re not able to move into your own housing upon arriving in Berlin, you might want to stay in temporary accommodation until you find the right place. Some attractive options for international students relocating to Berlin include:

  • Low-cost hotels or hostels
  • Private B&B (search for “Privatzimmer” + your location)
  • Guest house (pension)

The best neighbourhoods for Arden students

Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Wedding, and Prenzlauer Berg are all popular neighbourhoods among students and expats alike, housing a vibrant international community. All of these areas offer easy and quick access to the university by public transport, and are buzzing with cafes, restaurants, and other amenities. 

When you’re looking for a student residence, you’ll want to find something that best suits your budget, privacy and location preferences, and what you want to get out of your experience in Berlin. At Arden, we have dedicated accommodation advisers that can help you with your search and review any paperwork you might need, absolutely free of charge.

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