Cost of Living in Berlin

We have estimated the cost of living* as a student attending our Berlin study centre.

Please note that these are average estimates only and your personal expenses may vary:


Estimated monthly cost


€420 - €600


€200 - €300


€20 - €40

Public transportation

€45 - €84

Telephone, internet

€40 - €60

Health (insurance, medication etc)

€45- €55


€80- €120

Total Cost of Living

€850 - €1,259

*Arden University created this table for your reference based on experience and student feedback. We recommend conducting your own research based on your circumstances and preferences to assess the affordability of studying in Berlin for you.

Finding a Flat or Flat-Share

While studying in Berlin, you have a few accommodation options to choose from. Most students opt to rent a studio or flat, or to share a flat or house.

Arden University is happy to help students enrolled on HE programmes with some guidance on accommodation in Berlin. Simply get in touch with your Arden University Student Recruitment Advisor for more information.

Finding a place to stay in Berlin is a task that typically must be done online. Most flats for rent are not sign-posted, and very few agents have physical offices, so if you don’t see any places advertised in the areas you visit, don’t be discouraged. There are many places listed online and you can easily organise viewings to find your new home.

As you search for your new place, please take caution. Never send any documents or money to any unknown people until you have either a contract and/or have evidence that you are dealing with a trustworthy company or person. Look for reviews and references from 3rd parties to ensure the accommodation is legitimate.

Please note that landlords usually require a deposit for the room you are going to stay in and this can amount to up to 3 months basic rent.

Arden University students in Berlin

Arden University students relaxing with phones

Accommodation Process

If you would prefer help in finding suitable accommodation, Arden can support you in your search.

You can start the process of applying for accommodation close to Arden University Berlin after you have received your visa and have booked your flight.

The process is as follows:

  1. Please complete our Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up Application form
  2. You will receive an accommodation offer approximately 2 weeks after sending your application (may vary depending on workload).
  3. Your accommodation offer will include a description of the accommodation, the local area, and costs (rent, deposits, accommodation fee, etc.). If you decide to decline the first offer, we will provide a second, final offer for you to consider.
  4. Once you accept, you will receive booking confirmation as well as the payment details from your landlord. If you requested Airport Pick-Up in your application, you’ll also receive confirmation for this.

Please note: Accommodation help is not offered as part of your programme fees, and so will incur additional charges as required.

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