Arden University Berlin recently celebrated its first in person Graduation Ceremony in the German Capital. 

Bringing together learners from across the world for a day of celebration, we caught up with some of the proud graduates on the day to talk about their experience studying at Arden Berlin and how it felt to have completed their courses.
One of the students we spoke to was Devraj, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Tourism. Devraj was celebrating his success accompanied by his father, who had travelled from Japan to be there with him. 

Hi there Devraj, what did you think of your course?

Yeah. I enjoyed it very much. It was fantastic. I think business tourism has so much potential, with lots of possibilities for work and a great future.

How does it feel to be graduating today?

I’m feeling very excited and so happy. My father is here, having come a long way from Nipon to be here today. I have my friends spread all around me and I'm enjoying it very much.

What’s your experience been like of Berlin as a city? 

I’ve been here four years and it’s pretty cool. It's an international environment all around, so even if you do not speak fluent German, you can survive here. 

What do you hope to do next now that you have your degree?

So, today I am celebrating being done with my bachelors, but I plan to continue my studies again. I have signed up for a master's degree in Data Analytics and am looking forward to that. 

What sort of career do you want to get at the end of your studies?

So, studying tourism opens you up for opportunities within the hospitality industry. So, I have spent the last seven months working in the position of front office manager at one of a chain of hotels, but studying can offer me the chance to become a general manager or something beyond that in the management team. 

I have already found myself implementing the strategies and things we learned in the course into my job. So, it works really well.

What were you looking for when searching for a university?
I think the first thing is somewhere in a good location. The second one is somewhere affordable for international students. It also needs to help the students in financial need. And then finally, it needs to be somewhere good for career opportunities.

What do you think of the teaching at Arden? 

It's fantastic, to be honest. There are so many professional and very experienced professors who are really talented. Their way of teaching is fantastic. 

You've obviously been here for a few years, what advice would you give to anyone moving to Berlin?

So, the first thing I would like to say like, if you're coming to Germany for higher education, please learn at least a basic level of German. I speak German, and it makes everything so much easier for daily life. It allows you to talk with the German people. English is enough, but I always advise any newcomers, to learn the language too! 

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