Arden University Berlin recently celebrated its first Graduation Ceremony in the German Capital. 

Bringing together learners from across the world for a day of celebration, we caught up with some of the proud graduates on the day to talk about their experience studying at Arden Berlin and how it felt to have completed their courses. 

One of those in attendance on the day was Prachi who graduated with an MSc in Engineering Management from Arden University Berlin. 

What was your experience with Arden Berlin like? 

My experience was just amazing. I wanted to do something that was a combination of Engineering and management, and this is exactly that. 

All the staff - our professors and especially career support - are just amazing. Whenever I needed help with questions or anything for interviews they were always there. 

You had help finding us through an agency, what was that process like?

So initially, they ask you what kind of education you're looking for and what kind of things you are looking for in a university. 

They ask things about what kind of course you’re looking for, so, for me, it was a one year programme.

So they took information from me about what I was looking for and then shortlisted universities for me. I asked a bunch of questions, and they said try this university.

Today especially, I feel like it's good decision.

They gave support and information from day one, helping with things like documentation and securing your visa appointment. Everything is guided, so it's perfect.

What sort of things did you enjoy learning about on your course?

It's a great combination of project management, sustainability, quality management, and risk management and innovation. So, it's just combination of everything you need to know these days. 

What are you doing alongside studying? 

So I have six years of experience in product marketing and sales operations in the automotive and manufacturing industry. So for me, this course has really taught me a great deal about the combination of operations and project sustainability. 

Now that I’ve got my degree I’m looking to progress in the automotive and manufacturing industry. 

What do you like about Berlin?   

The main thing I like about Berlin is that people don’t judge you. That’s very important. It's very easy going as a city. Especially at Arden. You will find everything here. 

What would you say to anyone that was considering studying with us?

Go to Arden. Especially if you want to explore things away from your studies and grow your passion, abilities, and expertise. 

To find out how you could soon be graduating with a degree from Arden University Berlin, visit our course pages today.