Master of Business Administration

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1 year
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Berlin or Online
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Master of Business Administration

Course Overview

Looking for a world-class management career? Study your MBA in Germany and accelerate your career across diverse industries with in-depth knowledge of business and leadership theory.

Do you already have managerial experience, but want to make the next strategic move in your professional life? The MBA delivered at our Berlin campus is not like other MBA courses you may have come across. We use a holistic, multidisciplinary approach developed with change management at its core, giving you the tools you need to upgrade your existing leadership abilities so that you can step confidently into senior level positions in your organisation. 

On top of this, the learning environment here at Arden University Berlin fosters an environment of collaboration where you’ll be able to develop your creativity and entrepreneurial mindset. We’ll also help you widen your horizons when it comes to the true meaning of leadership - helping you better understand yourself, your organisation, and how to bring about lasting and positive change in your workplace. 

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Your CMI membership
This course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), so you’ll leave with a CMI qualification in leadership and management alongside your degree. The cost of CMI membership is included while you are actively studying with us, which gives you access to a range resources and events.

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Through an extensive study of leadership styles and strategy, you’ll enhance your own management abilities and become an indispensable asset to your organisation. 


I have enjoyed doing my master’s here because it’s not like a traditional university where you sit in a classroom and a lecturer talks and you write down everything. I like that when we come here there’s actually a discussion and we do a lot of analysis.

Oscar Bustillo
Oscar Bustillo
MSc Project Management student, Arden University Berlin


Before you can receive your MBA, you’ll need to complete 180 credit hours, which are comprised of the following 7 modules:

  • Personal & Business Transformation
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Managing within a Competitive Environment
  • Leading Transitions
  • Implementing Strategy
  • Sustaining the Business
  • Research Project

How do we assess you?

The way we assess our students provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths in a number of ways. That’s why we choose a range of methods to keep track of how well you are progressing. These include:

  • Assignments
  • Essays
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Portfolios of work
  • Exams

At Arden University we consider applications on a case by case basis. If you have significant work experience, have qualifications you have gained elsewhere, or a degree or qualification that isn't a clear pathway to this degree - we are more than happy to discuss your application.

What do you need to study with us?

Our aim is to make learning as accessible as possible by ensuring that you can join us, wherever you are.

That's why we keep our requirements simple. All you need is a laptop or computer (we recommend one running the latest version of Windows), and a good stable internet connection.

With this one tool, you'll be able to access information, advice, support, learning materials and our online library, as well as create assignments, keep notes, and collaborate with other students effectively.


To be eligible to study this degree, we need to see that you have:

  • A UK Honours Degree at a minimum of second class (2.2) or equivalent
  • Two years suitable work experience

We also usually ask you for a personal statement that demonstrates your motivations to study the course. We may also want references and evidence of relevant work experience.

English Proficiency

  • IELTS 6.0 (no less than 5.5 in any element); or TOEFL iBT 60-78; or equivalent
  • Alternatively, evidence you have previously studied in English; a letter to show that the Medium of Instruction was in English can be accepted

We also offer an internal English test for applicants who are unable to provide an English Proficiency letter. Get in touch to find out more.

If you don’t have academic qualifications

At Arden University we are more than happy to consider, and positively encourage, an application from you if you have substantial management experience (typically 5 years) and can show us that you have the motivation to study the programme.

We’ll ask you for a personal statement that demonstrates your ability to study your master's course. We may also want references and evidence of relevant work experience.

Don’t have any of the above?

If you have other postgraduate-level business awards you may be eligible for entry and/or exemptions. This will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you don’t already have a degree, and you’re not quite there with the required amount of work experience, we may be able to offer you a place on one of our undergraduate degree programmes.

Find your country

Use the dropdown above to find course fees and funding information for your country. If you can’t find information for your country in the dropdown, visit our International support page.


Our business and management faculty in Berlin are a dedicated and passionate group of professionals who are here to help you reach your goals both in and outside of the classroom. Get to know some of our business faculty members before you start your programme by following the link below.

 Dr Phungmayo Horam
Dr Phungmayo Horam
Academic Lead
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Where you use your MBA is completely up to you, but after completing this course you’ll be ready to take on any exciting new challenge and more senior management positions.

What will I gain from this degree?

We strive to have all of our graduates leave their courses with demonstrable industry knowledge and transferable skills that can be used in a wide range of fields. The MBA course at our Berlin campus covers the most important topics in business and leadership, so you will have a solid foundation to take on more senior management roles.

As a graduate, you’ll have gained knowledge of:

  • Strategically solving complex problems in the workplace with innovative solutions
  • Planning and personal development within the context of improving an organisation
  • Effectively working as part of a diverse, dynamic team
  • Communicating professionally through negotiating, persuading, and presenting information
  • Global issues, diversity, and ethics in management today

What can I do after Arden University?

An MBA is one of the most highly sought-after qualifications in today’s workforce. After earning your MBA at our Berlin campus, you could go on to roles including:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • HR Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Senior Management Consultant
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Information Technology Director
  • Sales Director
  • Investment Banker
  • Business Consultant

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Who are they and why are they important?

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accreditation means that your course fully meets the professional standards and expectations of the management industry. 

As a student with Arden, you’ll have free membership throughout your studies, which gives you access to several valuable professional resources including:

  • The extensive services offered on CMI’s online Career Development Centre
  • Mentoring from experienced managers and leaders
  • Events and webinars pertaining to your field and career development
  • Resources for continuing professional development and gaining additional qualifications
  • Redundancy support

You have the choice to complete your course via online learning or full-time at our Berlin campus. 


I’ve found the Arden MBA has given me a much more comprehensive foundation of knowledge around the topics I don’t often encounter in my work role, including financial decision-making, ethics and strategy. This knowledge will enable me to progress to more strategic roles in the future.

Simon Henry
Simon Henry
MBA Online
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Study in Berlin

The dynamic, multicultural city of Berlin offers you even more than exciting events and rich history.

Named the start-up capital of Europe, Berlin is home to a growing list of internationally-regarded corporations and has office locations for countless household names like Sony, Daimler, and the Axel Springer Media Group.

Students studying abroad in Berlin even have the chance to get their foot in the door to the European job market; international students are permitted to work 120 full and 240 half days per year, and graduates can apply for an 18-month post-residency permit in Germany to gain more work experience.

Online Learning

How does it work?

With online learning, you decide when and where you work through your self-guided learning materials, without being held to a set lecture timetable. If you’re interrupted during a lesson, simply pause the materials and continue later. You can also communicate and collaborate with your tutor and classmates through live online forums and email. 

Find out more about how Online Learning works.