Arden’s Brain Awareness Week Art Competition 2024

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. This year's Brain Awareness Week and Neurodiversity Celebration Week both take place between March 11-17.

As a part of Arden University’s celebration of brain awareness and neurodiversity, we’ve invited Arden staff and students to submit artworks in line with the theme ‘The Neurodiverse Brain’ with complementary text explaining how the artwork fits the theme. You can see some of the submitted pieces below.

Three winners will be chosen from the submissions under the following categories:

  • Most creative interpretation of the theme
  • Best scientific representation of the theme

Student Submissions

brain awareness week art submission


No two brains are the same. we all think differently. I created this piece using pint markers and buttons to give it depth.

brain awareness week art submission

Tania García

A year ago I discovered that I am neurodivergent, that is why through this project I decided to share what my life was like before knowing and understanding what makes me different from others. Every brain is special in its own way, and embracing neurodiversity can not only inspire people to be as creative and different as they have always wanted to be, but also to find that feeling of “belonging” they have probably been searching for their whole lives.

brain awareness week art submission

Robert Lica

Ah, the neurodiverse mind, a vibrant tapestry woven with unique threads. This Painting " Radiant Connection," aims to capture that very essence. Like the sun-kissed river flowing through this landscape, neurodiversity presents a spectrum of experiences and thought processes. Each bend and eddy represents a different way of interpreting the world, each as valid as the next. The sunlight dances on the water's surface, mimicking the way neurodiverse minds connect, weaving unique tapestries of thought and understanding! This piece holds a special place in my heart. As an artist who experiences the world differently, I know the beauty and strength that lies within neurodiverse individuals. "Radiant Connection" celebrates the vibrant tapestry of thought and fosters acceptance and appreciation for the unique ways we each experience the world. This piece speaks to the wonder and potential that lie within the neurodiverse brain. It's influenced by positive reframing of differences – the vibrant colors and reflections symbolize the extraordinary ways that neurodivergent minds operate, offering alternative perspectives and sparking innovation. The peaceful sunset scene evokes a sense of acceptance and the possibility of finding harmony within unique ways of being.

brain awareness week art submission

Anneka Harriman

A colourful poster that represents what goes on inside the brain, referring to neurodiversity as it represents the different behaviour traits and brain functions within individuals as not one of us are the same. The unique poster gives a creative example of the different parts of the brain and what diseases affects these parts mentally, explaining that as humans we are all different. Take a look and discover the art of Neurodiveristy

brain awareness week art submission

Zeenus Lama Oldham

Staff Submissions

brain awareness week art submission

Hina Zyeestrong

Blue ways represent a chaotic storm of thought that confines a person to vent and voice. Inside the cage, an extraordinarily gifted mind yearns to break free and to soars unrestrained. Amidst the disarray, disorganization, and uncertainty, there is a bloom manifesting a great desire to be divergent. The eye is the gateway to the soul starting to find healing, hope, safety, assurance, and acceptance. A clock is challenging its usual pattern. However, when sunbeams play, minds are nurtured. The shaft of light that penetrates the gloom, expresses inclusion, equality, freedom to express emotions by breaking the barriers imposed by societal norms, and finally opportunity to grow with others.

brain awareness week art submission

Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

This illustration represents that many things that may be going through our brains at any one time, which a neurodiverse brain may process differently to expectations, and some of the challenges (such as numbers, letters, maps, communication) as well as areas of excellence (such as creativity, gaming, or indeed numbers, letters, maps, and communication!) that a person with a neurodiverse brain may experience.

brain awareness week art submission

Magdalena Kalata

This artwork represents my own understanding of the neurodiverse experience through the lens of ADHD. It captures the duality of a mind that is both burdened and blessed by its uniqueness. The left hemisphere (B&W) represents the challenges that often accompany ADHD: procrastination, lack of focus and impulsivity. It represents the 'bad days' which when masked can lead to a feeling of lost identity and sadness. The right part bursts with colour illustrating the extraordinary qualities like boundless creativity, the hyperfocus and ability to deal with chaos. This side representing the 'good days' the uniqueness and the joy found in embracing one's differences. Background is a mix of colours and monochromatic paint. By using watercolours, I tried to blend these two worlds at the edges, symbolising the fluid nature of emotion and communication within the brain. It’s a visual metaphor for how perceptions and self-awareness intermingle, particularly in moments when society's scrutiny becomes overwhelming. It’s a story of resilience and acceptance... I hoped it could encourage somebody to find beauty in neurodiversity struggles and to communicate the value of every emotion and thought that neurodiversity brings into one’s live

brain awareness week art

Elham Shirvani

brain awareness week