Dubai City Football Club partners with Arden

Dubai City Football Club

Arden University and Dubai City Football Club have joined forces to help provide flexible education and careers support during post (football) training hours for the club’s youth team players.

Recognising that not all youth academy players will transition into full-time professional players, Arden University will help provide players with quality education, new skills, and industry specific knowledge, to assist individuals in establishing alternative career paths and plans, especially helping the club’s young players who may not end up pursuing professional football careers.

Arden representatives will work collaboratively with students on the portfolio, helping individual players make use of their specific interests and skills to find fulfilling alternative career paths.

'It's been great to meet the DCFC team and hear more about their vision to provide a pathway for aspiring footballers,' said Luke Paramasivam, Business Development Director at Arden University. 

'Their passion to give athletes access to continue their studies while training within the academy, aligns perfectly with Arden’s strategic vision to enable access to education for all. Really excited about this partnership and looking forward to developing the relationship further.'

Arden University's partnership with Dubai City Football Club represents a pioneering approach - seamlessly integrating education with a professional sports environment - ensuring that talented youth academy players have viable alternative career options.

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