Studying in Berlin

Berlin Study Centre

Arden's Berlin study centre is located near the Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin.

In it, you'll find everything you need to assist with your studies while attending classes - computer labs, lecture halls, library and much more

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Your Induction

When you attend the mandatory on-site induction, you’ll be welcomed as a new student and introduced to your specific programme and resources as you prepare for the start of your studies available to you as a new Arden University student here in Berlin.

Along with an extended online induction, this face-to-face induction will allow you to meet academic staff, other students, and to discover key Student Support Services available to you as a new Arden student.

Social Life in Berlin

Germany is one of the biggest hot-spots of international study in Europe.

Berlin is buzzing with culture and cosmopolitan energy with a calendar full of cultural events and festivals:

Berlin International Film Festival

Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest of the world’s cinematic talent at this annual film festival.

Berlin Marathon

This event goes the distance – all 42km of it! Every September up to 300,000 runners take part in this worthy tradition, and the race greets a beautiful mix of people joining in for charity, fun or as professional athletes.

Carnival of Cultures

Each Whitsun weekend, Berlin erupts with celebrations of the rich diversity its international population affords it. 

Art Forum Berlin

As the air turns cool with crisp autumn air, art dealers and artists alike migrate to Berlin for this international affair which showcases the best contemporary art of the year.

Christmas Markets

The German Christmas Market is world renowned, and the Berlin Christmas Market is the crown jewel of the collection that pops up every year., offering festive fun and food.

Runners competing in the Berlin Marathon

Berlin Marathon

Berlin International Film Festival

Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate

Places of Interest

While markets, festivals, forums, carnivals and races come and go throughout the year, there are plenty of other permanent attractions in this prestigious city to entertain and enrich you as an Arden University student:

Berlin Wall

One of the most notorious monuments in Berlin, remains of the wall still stands in places across the city as a lasting memory of how a city once divided is now united. Tours are available, as well as a memorial and documentation centre.

The Brandenburg Gate

One of the most recognisable landmarks in Germany, the Brandenburg Gate symbolises peace and unity for Europe.


The city’s most popular park, one of the largest city gardens, and home to the Berlin Zoo, Tiergarten is perfect for getting away from it all without leaving the city.

Potsdamer Platz

Surrounded by one of the busiest traffic intersections in Europe, this important public square often plays host to many events, exhibitions and light shows.


German Parliament meets here in this historic building. Built in 1894, it was recently fully restored in 1990, and is rich in history.

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