Benefits for Arden Alumni

Benefits for Arden Alumni

Once you’ve successfully completed your course, you’ll automatically become eligible for our exclusive alumni benefits, including:

  • Continued access to the Careers Portal - see below
  • 10% off future programmes 
  • Invitations to upcoming workshops 
  • Bi-annual newsletters 
  • Contact with other professionals via your dedicated LinkedIn network 
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How to gain access to the Careers Portal

You’ll be able to access the Arden Careers Portal for 3 years after your graduation at no additional cost.

You will simply need to register with a personal email address before your graduation to gain access, following the details below: 

  1. Login to ilearn 
  2. Enter the Careers Portal
  3. You may be prompted by a pop-up when you first enter, if not simply go into ‘My Profile’ above the main navigation
  4. In the left navigation, select ‘Graduate access’ (as seen in the screen shot below) 
  5. Once you enter your personal email address, you should receive an email with a link
  6. Simply follow the instructions to set up your ‘Graduate Access Account’

If you’ve already graduated and would like access to the Careers Portal, please email and someone will be in touch to help you.

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