Studying with a disability, mental health condition or long-term health condition?

If you are studying with us at Arden and have either a disability, mental health condition or long-term health condition then you may be entitled to additional support or adjustments in your study.

Exam support at Arden University

Exam Arrangements

If you can provide medical evidence to show you would be disadvantaged during an exam setting, then we can discuss making reasonable adjustments.

Things such as if you find it difficult sitting an exam in a room with other students we could arrange a separate room for you; extra time in exams; different coloured paper or larger print or even a different type of assessment.


Man in wheelchair using wheelchair accessible exit from Arden building

Disability Support Allowance (DSA)

If you are able to provide us with evidence of one of the following conditions and are a UK resident, then you may be eligible to apply for DSA, which is a Government grant which covers any study-related costs.

  • A learning difficulty, for example Dyslexia or ADHD
  • A mental health condition like Anxiety or Depression
  • A Physical disability
  • A long-term health condition such as cancer, chronic heart disease or HIV

It can be a lengthy process to apply for DSA, so it's important to apply for this early. Once you apply, if you are deemed eligible based on the medical evidence you submit then you will be invited to attend a Needs Assessment. What equipment and support you are granted will be based on your individual needs.

DSA can be awarded in the form of:

  1. Non-Medical Helper Allowance – such as a study skills support tutor or mentor.
  2. Specialist Equipment Allowance – such as assistance technology software. If you do not have a computer already, you will need to make a £200 contribution so that a laptop can be provided. We may be able to help with this through our Hardship fund if you are able to evidence financial hardship.
  3. Travel Allowance – this would cover additional costs you may have to pay for travelling to our university study centre (if taking a Blended Learning course) due to your disability.

Arden University student support jobs

Contact Us

You can contact the SEN team to discuss any of the above further on or by calling 02476 515700. 

Alternatively, you can speak to your Student Support Team.