During your ceremony

All attendees are to be seated 15 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Graduates will be asked to make their way to the third floor and guests will be directed to the 4th floor. If your guests are not able to make it to the ceremony on time, please inform a member of the Arden University team.  

When you enter the room for your ceremony, you will be shown to your seat. Please do not move seats as this is the order your name will be called to confirm your award on stage. Sitting in the wrong seat could lead to the wrong name being read out when you cross the stage.  

At the beginning of the ceremony, you will be asked to stand to welcome the Academic procession. This will be followed by speeches from Senior Staff Members, your Student Association President and an Honorary Graduate who has made an important impact in their field or the community. 

A key part of the ceremony as a Graduate is walking across the stage in your academic dress to confirm your award and shaking hands with the Presiding Officer. The Presenting Head will announce your name and course. You should leave any items (e.g., bags/mobile phones/ceremony programmes) at your seat as you will not be able to cross the stage with these. 

Remember to smile, take your time and enjoy the moment. A photo will be taken as you shake hands so pause and celebrate so that your friends and family can see you.  

Early exit is prohibited, you must remain seated until the end of the ceremony.