Mar 03 2022



Garrick is an Arden student with big ambitions. Since coming to the UK from St Kitts and Nevis a few years ago he has whole heartedly thrown himself into his studies in order to maximise his potential.

You can read below about his journey so far, how he balances studying with working, and how he was born to be a leader. 

So, tell me a little bit about yourself and what are you studying?

Hi, I'm studying Accounting and Finance. It's very early in the course, but the accounting side is to do with managing a business from a financial standpoint – things like profits and loss. As well as the financial side, it also shows you aspects of where to invest and things to do with the management of a business

What do you do alongside studying? 

I work in the evenings, dealing with customer care for emergency insurance. That’s things like leaks or situations where there's no heating, no hot water, or electrical issues. I've been doing that for about two years. The plus to it is the wonderful feeling that you've helped someone, but the crazy part is the initial stage when everyone is screaming.

What other responsibilities do you balance alongside studying?

I have two kids, they're both 11. My son is in the Caribbean and my daughter is here with myself and my mom. My mother helps me out a lot with her because, without her, I wouldn't have a lot of time.

What have you most enjoyed about studying with us?

I like the interaction. The people that I've met in our classes, just to hear the backstories of everyone, it's almost like you've been where they've been. Not just where they live, or their background in terms of their culture or anything, but also the journey itself. You actually feel like you're part of it too. And you can relate it to your own journey.

Have you found that studying has changed your outlook on anything?

Initially, I might have been a bit of a procrastinator. Now I feel that I just have to get it done and take charge.

Great! And what do you want to do with your degree?

The end goal is to be the leader of my country, St. Kitts and Nevis. Growing up and seeing the people around my age, I feel like I want to make an impact in terms of social and economical change. I don't think most politicians, especially in the Caribbean, are really focused on that. The people I've grown up with, and where they're at in life, I know it has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with the situation they're in. So that's what I want to change. Studying Accounting and Finance is a big step towards that, because the leader of the country is always the Minister of Finance first. 


When did you come across from St. Kitts and Nevis? 

About four years ago. I grew up there and it was a pretty good place to be, especially in the sense of coming from a strong family. Life there is easy, the weather is the same and everything is relaxed. There's no pressure for anything. But when there’s no pressure you can get into a stagnant state. So my mother has been over here before me and the idea behind coming over was always to do with education. So earlier, when I was speaking about procrastination – when I got here I didn't get straight into it. I think fear was part of it, you put things off, and then you start lying to yourself. Eventually though I came to the realisation that I'm lying to myself, so come on Garrick. 

What was it that helped you overcome this fear?

I think what kind of gave me the extra drive was that my girlfriend graduated from university this year. Yeah. And it was just like “What am I doing?” I’ve got to get this done too.

What led you to choose Arden? 

So, I was just going through a lot of universities and I liked the blended programme to be honest. Arden seemed to have best blended programme, especially because I'm working and trying to deal with family as well. 

How do you balance your studying with your life? 

It’s a lot of time management and, I'm going to be very honest, I do get help from my mother and my girlfriend that makes studying easier. 

What do you feel like you were born to do? 

To lead. I feel that's my purpose. 

What keeps you motivated?

I work out and I go to the gym. So, a lot of my motivation comes from that. It's kind of the same concept in that you’ve got to be like “Come on, you have to do one more set of weights.” My mindset has always been the same because I've been at the gym longer than I’ve been studying, so in a way it’s just like, I transferred the focus over. 

And finally, what would you say to anyone that's considering starting with Arden? 

Just start. It may seem like three years, four years, or whatever seems like forever; but in three or four years, if you don't make that step you're still going to be in the same position.