Aug 18 2021

What I've learnt distance learning from around the world

Nádia Secundo is an Arden University Student based in Portugal. Studying a BA in Social Science, Nádia combines her studies with her busy lifestyle, and has previously worked towards her degree whilst volunteering around the world. To hear more from about her studies please read below, and also check out Nadia’s A Day in the Life video as part of our We Are Arden series on our YouTube. 

Hello everyone, I’m Nádia, a 23-years-old Portuguese girl that has the world as her stage. 

Even though I’m Portuguese and spend a lot of time in Portugal, my course at Arden has been undertaken a little bit everywhere. 

I started my Arden University degree whilst in London. However, when I went to Africa to undertake some volunteer work, thanks to distance learning, I was able to continue my studies. 

So far, I have studied with Arden from countries including Guinea-Bissau, Angola, United States, Portugal, England, Luxembourg, Sweden and more. I’m a traveller and being able to study flexibly, while discovering this wonderful world of ours, is totally priceless. 

Time management skills are a must if one wants to be a successful distance learner. Knowing one’s schedule and being organised are fundamental keys to success everywhere but especially for us, distance learner students.

At the moment I’m finishing my degree in Social Science and, afterwards, I intend to pursue a Masters with a management focus. Being able to combine my social background with the management area is fundamental for me. I intend to work with a purpose - a social purpose. 

I’d love to work for a big firm managing the social corporate responsibility or doing consultancy for NGOs. Social economy and social entrepreneurship are areas of great interest as well. At the end, I just want my work to have a positive impact on society. 

I’m really glad I’m on my last year of the course. It has been a hell of a journey, but I’m going to miss Arden and my course. Even though we are not physically together, Arden’s faculty and staff are wonderful. They’re very supportive and always ready to you help you. 

It’s a privilege to be a student at Arden University. A university of the future. My university. Our university. 

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