Jul 28 2021

Why you should join Arden University's Alumni Community

Arden University will soon be proudly launching its Alumni Community, keeping students involved, informed, and engaged with all things Arden, even after they’ve graduated.

We’re keen to ensure your Arden journey carries on long after you’ve pushed your learning resources to one side - whether that’s through career advice and opportunities, community support and engagement, or just checking in to see what’s going on. 

In order to remain part of the Arden family, students and former students will be able to access exclusive events and webinars, join our upcoming Arden Alumni LinkedIn page and sign up for our quarterly Alumni newsletter. 

Keep an eye on your inboxes as a link to join will be sent out soon. 

In the meantime, here’s some great reasons why you should opt in.

1)    Expand your community  
Arden University’s Alumni Community is an excellent place to just that: community! In providing a space for former students to interact it’s a great opportunity for you to meet like minded individuals, hear from people with experience in a variety of industries, and benefit from the shared skills and knowledge our Alumni possess. 

2)    Keep you in the loop
As a student, we hope you’ve enjoyed your Arden experience, and we’d love for you to stay connected to the University. Joining a community is a great way of keeping up-to-date with what’s going on at Arden: hearing student stories, reading career development advice, and sharing in our successes. 

3)    Help your career
Alumni communities are a great platform to boost your career. Your degree and your time learning with Arden will have helped you build the kind of skills and knowledge to make your mark in your chosen field, now you just need the opportunity to show what you can do! An alumni community is potentially a great asset in helping you get your dream job though. With people sharing job listings, interview advice, contacts, and tips, there are plenty of ways everyone can benefit. 

4)    Give back
As well as helping you further your own career, an alumni community is a great place to help others. Through sharing some of the experiences, knowledge, and advice you’ve picked up, you could be helping other Arden alumni maximise their potential too.