Apr 08 2022

Arden Achieve Extended Induction to launch to students

Designed to help Blended Learning students get the most of out their time at Arden University, Arden Achieve’s Extended Induction will be running from 19th April to 13th May 2022 to help students progress academically, and in their professional careers, through the acquisition of new skills.

The first cohort to experience this new enrichment programme will be the Level Three and Level Four new starters beginning in May, with the Arden Achieve Extended Induction programme providing them a taste of what is coming up in their programmes, alongside an opportunity to enhance their academic and professional development. 

Built around three pillars of Academic, Personal, and Professional Development, the programme will consist of a variety of online events led by inspiring guest speakers, interactive academic skills workshops, and hands-on sessions.

Dilshad Sheikh, Dean of the Faculty of Business, said: “We’re delighted to offer students the chance to sign up to Arden Achieve, an enhancement programme designed to support personal, academic, and professional development. Here at Arden University we want to make everyone’s academic journey as smooth as possible and ensure they have all of the appropriate and high quality support in place. This combination of bespoke skills-based workshops and insightful events will hopefully provide additional value beyond the day-to-day learnings which take place as part of students’ courses.” 

Following this first roll-out of the programme, Arden Achieve is set to be built into the timetable for blended learners, with the intention that it becomes their enrichment block later down the line. 

Students looking to sign up to Arden Achieve can do so here