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Arden and Roots IVY celebrate graduations in Pakistan


Across three graduation ceremonies in Pakistan, Arden University and Roots IVY/IVY School of Management Sciences (ICMS) were able to join together in proudly celebrating the success of Arden students who had successfully completed their degree with Roots/ICMS in Pakistan. 
Attended by one of the first cohorts of Arden University graduates, their guests, and esteemed faculty members, the ceremonies – held in Islamabad, Faisalbad, and Lahore – were a celebration and endorsement of the dedication and hard work of the learners, academics and support staff both at Arden University and Roots/ICMS. 
The events also represent another significant milestone in the collaboration between the two institutions, with a franchise agreement between Arden and Roots IVY allowing learners in Pakistan the access to Arden University degrees without having to leave the country. 
Saturday 26th August saw the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad transformed into an Arden University and Roots Ivy College graduation venue. Prior to the Graduation Ceremony, the Marquee Hall was used for an open event where Debra Hinds, Arden’s Pro Vice Chancellor International, and Dr Nick Wylie, Associate Dean for the Faculty of Business, gave a presentation on Arden University, its growth in student numbers, study centres and its career enabling and enhancing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to an audience of over 200 people. 
Debra also presented the Pro Vice Chancellor International Highest Achiever Awards in both undergraduate and postgraduate categories to the highest scoring undergraduate and post graduate students. 
‘It has been an absolute joy to celebrate the success of our students studying in Pakistan with Roots/ICMS,’ said Debra.

‘The Graduation Ceremony has been expertly managed by Arden's Graduation and Events manager, Jenny Dodd and the Centre for Academic Partnerships Account Manager, Jo Watson. Both worked tirelessly with the Roots Ivy and Marriott teams to ensure Arden's standards were maintained and regulations complied with in creating a memorable day for our graduates.’ 

Roots IVY

The second graduation, taking place in Faisalbad, was presided over by Dr Nick Wylie, who said: 'It has been a great pleasure to meet the Arden Graduates from Roots IVY and to award them their degrees in-person.’
‘The whole team from Arden University have been overwhelmed by the hospitality of everyone at Roots Ivy/ICMS and we have enjoyed sharing in the celebrations of those studying an Arden University programme with Roots/ICMS. I hope this will be the first on many more Arden/Roots/IVMS graduations that will reinforce and deepen the links between the two institutions.'
The third and final ceremony took place in Lahore. 

‘There are many high achievers in these cohorts including Arden University's highest scoring masters student,’ said Debra. 

‘With a global downturn and economic challenges in Pakistan, offering Arden degrees in country supports Arden's vision that everyone, everywhere has a right to higher education, and reinforces its widening participation agenda. Echoing Roots/ICMS motto - if you can't come to the UK, the UK can come to you,’ 

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