Arden victorious in MBA Rocket Pitch Competition

Showcasing the exemplary talent and ingenuity of aspiring business leaders, The University of Sunderland London Campus and Arden University recently contested the MBA Rocket Pitch, a competition between the two institutions. 

The competition saw Arden University and University of Sunderland (London campus) MBA students pitching their business ideas to 5 judges. 2 judges were from Sunderland and 2 from Arden, with an independent judge from CMI also present. 

Amidst fierce competition and innovation, Team Arden emerged victorious, with the win proving a testament to the team’s exceptional teamwork, strategic acumen, and ground-breaking ideas. The teams also demonstrated forward thinking solutions with the integration of generative AI and sustainability into their projects, embracing cutting-edge technology to drive innovative business solutions.

At the core of this experience was effective leadership that empowered each participant to shine. This event's success was made possible by the concerted efforts and support of everyone involved from the School of Leadership and Management. 

Dr. Alison Watson, Head of School of Leadership and Management commented: ‘Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit isn't just about starting a business; it's about empowering minds to innovate, challenge norms, and build a future where every idea has the power to shape industries and transform the world.’

Dr. Syed Ali Tarek, who played a pioneering role in the event said: ‘Collaboration stands as the cornerstone in our journey to collectively equip our graduates for the fiercely competitive landscape of the modern workplace.’

During the competition, Team Arden presented ground-breaking solutions in the Fem Tech industry, addressing pressing healthcare issues faced by women. Laiba Zahid, Aleesha Mubashir, and Sasha Aslam, MBA students from Arden University’s partner campus Roots Ivy in Pakistan, showcased their innovation and commitment to empowering women. Dr Alfred Mbeteh, Dr. Ali Salman and Keith Wong mentored the winning team. 

Post MBA, Laiba Zahid aspires to establish a Fem Tech start-up creating impactful solutions tailored to women. Laiba wants to establish her own Fem Tech start-up, where she can make a tangible and positive impact in the lives of women by creating innovative and user-friendly solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Likewise, Aleesha Mubashir’s vision to break barriers, provide personalised healthcare, and address taboos reflects a commitment to revolutionising women's health globally.

Sasha Aslam, dreams to make a meaningful difference in Fem Tech industry by applying the insights gained during the Arden Qualification to create sustainable and scalable solutions. 

Their aspirations to launch these projects post-Arden Qualification are commendable, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact in the Fem Tech industry.

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