Jul 12 2021

Arden University Lecturer mentors in Brazil’s Grand Prix SENAI

As Arden University continues to make an international impact, one of the lecturers from our Berlin Centre, Dr. Victor Vargas (Computing & Business), recently participated in Brazil’s Grand Prix SENAI 2021 as a mentor.

Organised by SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training) and IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute) - part of the Brazilian Confederation of Industry - the event was part of a series of competitions at regional, national and international levels; presenting students with challenges in different fields and encouraging them over a short period of time (24-48 hours) to develop concepts, solutions, presentations and prototypes.

Victor helped provide mentorship for competitors on the 30th June, aiding them with some of this year’s challenges centred around: Connected and Intelligent Manufacturing/ Production, Artificial Intelligence, Network technologies, ‘Internet of Things’, Biotechnology and Bioprocesses, Nanotechnology, Advanced materials, and Energy storage.

Dr. Vargas teaches several modules for the School of Computing and the School of Business and Management. With everything from an MBA in Project Management to a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering under his belt, Victor has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

His work covers many exciting projects and subject areas such as biomedical engineering, robotics and machine design, and he’s even worked as an expert in the field of digitalisation.

Victor was also responsible for the implementation of SENAI Innovation Institute in Metalmechanics in Brazil. A program performed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Society (Germany), PoliDesign (Italy) and MIT (USA) with the aim of improving technology transfer with the Brazilian industry, as well as supporting the technological and economic development of businesses, from start-ups to large established companies. It could hopefully establish facilities for the development of a diverse number of services, education, consultancy, and training for the industry, including the structure for the implementation of postgraduate programs in the institution.