Jan 25 2022

Academic Skills Team to host series of writers' retreats

In order to provide students some focused time to finish assignments away from distractions, Arden University’s Academic Skills Team will be running a series of Arden’s Writers’ Retreat sessions. 

Each online session will last an hour, divided into two 25-minute writing sprints. Students can utilise the time to focus on completing assignments, undergo research, or complete other attainable goals, all while being supported by an Academic Skills Tutor, Librarian, or Student Coach. 

Students are encouraged to sign up for the sessions, taking place on the dates below:

27th January 18:00-19:00
31st January 15:00-16:00
4th February 11:00-12:00
8th February 18:00-19:00

Though writing is a solitary activity, the sessions have also been designed to encourage a sense of community by asking students to share their progress in the chatbox, in order to inspire each other to reach their specific goals.

Dr Sam Aylett, Academic Skills Tutor (Berlin) said: “We’re all time-poor and subject to distractions, and desperate to carve out some focused study time. I believe this is a form of self-care; allowing ourselves to take time for the things that are important to us. Our inaugural Writers’ Retreat is a way in which we can help students to carve this time out, and a way in which we can support students to achieve their academic goals.”

To sign up to be a part of Arden’s Writer’s Retreat, students should click the link here